Dad Shaves Baby's Head as a 'Joke' While Mom Takes a Nap & She Is Not Laughing

Jasmin Aileen Valero and her daughter
Jasmin Aileen Valero/Twitter

Like most moms in the thick of new parenthood, Jasmin Aileen Valero was in desperate need of a nap one day this summer when she asked her partner, Joshua Luevanoz, to watch their baby. But when she came to, she quickly noticed that her baby Jazlyn was bald. And no, her baby girl wasn't struggling in the hair department before mama fell asleep. Apparently, Luevanoz had shaved it all as some kind of "hilarious" prank. The only problem? Valero was NOT laughing.  

  • Video of the mom's discovery -- and her subsequent freakout -- has been spreading quickly on Twitter this week.

    The video, which was first shared on Twitter back in July, is accompanied by a simple caption: "The one time I ask him to watch her so I can sleep in and ... [this happens]."

    At first, Valero can be seen bouncing her little girl up and down in her lap, unaware that her daughter's head has been shaved because she's wrapped in a hooded towel.

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  • But then, Luevanoz reaches over, whips off the baby's hood, and reveals that -- SURPRISE! -- she no longer has any hair.

    The mother is, in a word, stunned. She lets out an audible gasp in the video, before breaking down in a mixture of confused laughter and tears. 

    "Why did you do that?" she manages to eek out, in between gasps of disbelief.

  • In a later tweet, Valero tried to give a bit more context around how this all unfolded.

    "In many Mexican families it is tradition to cut babies' hair at a young age so their hair can grow thicker and nicer," she explained. Both Valero and Luevanoz had apparently agreed that they weren't going to do that with Jazlyn, but it seems Luevanoz just couldn't resist a good prank when he saw one.

  • Plenty of people on Twitter were not amused.

    "This wasn’t funny, this is child abuse," wrote one person.

    "This is the type of thing men do so they are never again given the responsibility of taking care of their own child," another person said. "Don't fall for it."

    "I’d be heated," said another, "why would he even think that’s funny?"

    "She is still beautiful, but shave him bald at night see how he likes it," another person countered.

  • Others had to admit: It was pretty darn funny.

    "People crying about abuse meanwhile baby girl is having the time of her life," another person said.

    "Omg this is so cute," wrote another.

    "I laughed hella hard [at this] I scared my kid," added another person.

  • At the end of the day, though, it's pretty clear from the video that Jazlyn is more or less unfazed by the whole thing.

    "Always such a happy baby," Valero later updated. 

    She certainly seems to be. (Bald head and all.)