Reporter's Child Interrupts Her Live Segment & Every Working Parent Can Relate

Courtney Kube

Chances are, you remember Professor Robert Kelly, who went viral in 2017 when his two children busted into his office during a Skype interview with the BBC -- with hilarious results. Well, on Wednesday, NBC News correspondent Courtney Kube became the latest victim of a tiny interview-crasher, when her son tried to grab his 15 minutes of fame as she filmed a morning segment.

  • Kube, who covers national security and the Pentagon, was reporting on the Middle East when her 4-year-old son wandered in and tapped his mama.

    Kube was giving an update on Turkey's recent invasion of Syria when her son made his unexpected entrance, reported the New York Post.

    Slightly flustered, Kube excused herself, quickly explaining, “My kids are here, live television." She then swiftly ushered her son off camera and returned to reporting the news -- like a total boss.

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  • MSNBC soon posted the video on Twitter, where people clearly couldn't get enough -- to date, it's been liked over 50,000 times.

    "Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news," the network hilariously captioned the Wednesday tweet.

    Needless to say, the public response to the humorous blooper has won some serious fanfare online. (Especially from fellow working moms.)

  • Despite the momentary gaffe, nobody seemed to mind the interruption.

    "I think it’s fantastic that she’s allowed to have her kids around while working," one commenter wrote. "Good on you MSNBC."

    "Not a problem! Go working moms! Kudos to MSNBC," someone else commented.

    Another person had a laugh over what must have transpired behind the scenes after the whole thing went down.

    "Kudos to the savvy producer in the control room who thought, 'Uh ... now's probably a good time to run a graphic for a few seconds.'"

    Someone else pointed out that this whole thing proves that what working moms need most is a little more understanding and more support. 

    "This was the most wonderful thing I've ever seen on a live news broadcast," the commenter wrote. "Thanks for showing it CAN be done and handling it with grace and humor."