Teen 'Tests' Dad By Putting Cheez-It on Dining Room Wall & It Takes Him 4 Years To Notice

Sara Smith

Let's be honest: Some of us can be a little clueless when it comes to noticing things that are right in front of our faces. (Especially when we're busy chasing after kids.) But nothing will top a recent Twitter thread that's going viral, in which a teen reveals how she tested her dad's observation skills by hiding a Cheez-It in plain sight -- for over four years.

  • The running gag started in November 2015, after Sara Smith saw another girl stick a chip to the wall that went unnoticed. 

    Smith was inspired to do something similar herself, and came up with the brilliant scheme on November 26. In the first prank, Smith wrote that the girl's father "didn't notice it for weeks," so she decided to test out her own dad with a Cheez-It.

    At first, it seemed like her dad would have to notice the snack food pinned to his wall at some point, right? WRONG.

    "Day 10 and it is still there, stay tuned to see how much longer it will take my dad to notice it," she tweeted on December 6.

    By day 55, Smith had even gone on vacation to Texas ... but yet her dad still had no idea that the Cheez-It was there. 

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  • Over 100 days in, Smith's dad even rearranged the furniture ... and still did not notice that dang Cheez-It.

    On April 3, 2016, Smith gave an update that despite the furniture change, "it's still on the same wall of the same room above the same picture and he still hasn't noticed it."

    By day 173, the teen admitted that even she sort of of forgot the Cheez-It was there. "This is sad," she wrote.
  • Even one year -- one WHOLE year -- after putting the snack up on the wall, her dad was none the wiser.

    On day 341, Smith was seriously judging her dad. 

    "This Thanksgiving will be one year of this god d--n Cheez-It being on my dining room wall w/o my dad even noticing. rly," she wrote. 

  • At some point, the Cheez-It got so old and crusty that Smith had to replace it with a new one.

    By November 2017, Smith had even moved out of her dad's house. 

    "I don’t live at this house anymore, so I can’t post as many picture updates," she explained, "but I would just like to say it is still on that wall exactly two years later."

    Time kept ticking along, and once she'd passed the 700-day mark since the prank first started, Smith was actually kind of over the whole thing.

    "Day 750," she reported. "I'm kind of getting tired of this, i thought he’d notice much sooner. I honestly might put another one somewhere."

  • She even gifted her dad a box of Cheez-Its that year, which pretty much confused him.

    "Merry Cheezmas :))" she wrote in 2017.

    But Dad? He still wasn't on to her.

  • Unfortunately, the saga has recently come to an end, after Smith's brother-in-law FINALLY spilled the beans.

    Smith's whole scheme came crashing down on October 6. 

    "It is with sadness that I must announce that the gag is up," she wrote. "After 1,410 days -- almost 4 years -- my brother-in-law spoiled it for us and mentioned it to my dad."

  • In the comments of her tweet, people had feelings about the end of Smith's story.

    "I remember the day the Cheez-It went up on the wall like it was yesterday," one woman lamented.

    "Absolutely devastated," another commenter added. "Thinking about you and your family in these difficult times."

    Smith was grateful for the support.

    "Thank you to everyone who’s supported the Cheez-It and I through the years," she tweeted. "I'm sorry my naive family didn’t understand that when it rots you simply replace it. I’m just disappointed as you all are."

    "Also I’m SO mad that we will never know just how unobservant my dad is," she added.


    In times like these, it's important to remember: Don't be sad that it ended, be happy for the Twitter gold that it brought.