Couple's 'Un-Dead' Halloween Maternity Shoot Celebrates Their Baby Ghoul

SBS Photography LLC

scary maternity shoot
SBS Photography LLC

Let's face it: By now, we've all seen a million pregnancy photo shoots. Cradling your bump while holding up two tiny baby shoes? Boring. Posing in a field with a flower crown? It's been done before. But rarely do we see a Halloween maternity photo shoot that says, Hello, here is a photo of me and my baby ghoul. That's why we can't get enough of this spooky Halloween-inspired maternity shoot, captured by photographer Samantha Martin. The Florida-based photographer recently decided to do something fun (and sort of creepy) to celebrate her best friend's pregnancy, and it couldn't have come at a better time of year.

  • Martin says the idea was sparked by her friend Ashley Olson's love of Halloween.

    scary maternity shoot
    SBS Photography LLC

    Martin, who owns and operates SBS Photography, tells CafeMom that a Halloween-themed maternity shoot wasn't initially the cards, but once the idea came to her, she ran it by Olson. The mom-to-be, who is due on October 13, "loved the idea," and the pair decided to go for it.

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  • Martin, who's a mom of two herself, admits that she was never that big of a Halloween fan herself, but something about this theme just seemed perfect.

    scary maternity show
    SBS Photography LLC

    "My mom loves Halloween and I always grew up with the house decorated around that time of year," she says. "But she likes the 'Happy Halloween-style.' I think I’m more of a spooky-type now."

  • Together, the friends crafted the perfect costume for Ashley to wear -- right down to her ghoulish, bloody mouth. 

    scary maternity show
    SBS Photography, LLC

    Martin says that as soon as Olson was in on the plan, she got to work finding the perfect costume. 

    "I started looking for dresses and found the one she’s wearing in the pictures off Amazon and bought it," she says, adding that Olson picked the crown herself. "She came up with the idea of a zombie-like mouth, and she did her mouth and I did her husband's claw marks!" Martin adds.

    The photographer admits that the project gave her an opportunity to take new risks like never before.

     "I’ve wanted to try something new for so long and never had anyone that would be okay with doing something out of the norm," she says. "This was totally a new style, and I loved everything about it!"

  • The photographer posted her photos on Facebook, where they took off online.

    scary maternity pictures
    SBS Photography, LLC

    Sharing the series on her Facebook feed, Martin joked in the post caption that during the shoot, they were "crossing our fingers and toes hoping [Olson] wouldn't go into labor."

    So far, Martin says the response to the photos has been largely positive, which has been incredible.

    "So many people encouraging and applauding and so supportive and even some want to recreate it with their local photographers," she says.

    But not everyone has been so encouraging. 

    "I have also seen some negative comments unfortunately," the photographer notes. "I knew there would be some, but I guess you either love it or hate it, and the majority loves it."

    All that really matters to Martin now is that her friend got the maternity photos that she really wanted. 

    "I sent three pictures the night before I posted (to Olson) and she was hyped!" Martin recalls. "She actually posted before I finished the gallery she was so excited."

    (It's easy to see why!)

  • In the end, the mom says she hopes her photos will encourage others to take risks with their own maternity photos.

    scary maternity photos
    SBS Photography, LLC

    Martin says that her next shoot will also be a spooky Halloween theme. "For babies I have a witches & warlocks milk bath! I was excited about those!" she exclaims.

    Ultimately, Martin says that she found the un-dead maternity shoot to be "fun" and wants people to know that "it’s OK to not want to stick to the norm all the time, and people should embrace creativity!"

    We have to say we agree. Halloween is about getting creative, and this photographer certainly hit the mark.