Mom Gets Real About the 'Loneliness' of Parenting Teens Who Were Babies Just 2 Seconds Ago

Liz Petrone and her son
Liz Petrone/Facebook & Instagram

Bringing a new baby into the world is emotional and overwhelming and, at times, even isolating. But luckily, friends and family are usually there to rally around you. Those early years are filled with lots of frustrating and hilarious parenting fails you vent to your friends about over text or email or a glass of wine. Maybe you even pour your heart out about them in a blog. Whatever the case, all that venting is accepted when your kids are little; even encouraged. But once your kids work their way out of diapers and careen towards adulthood, those stories of frustrating parenting moments tend to stay behind closed doors. Suddenly, they all feel a bit too ... personal. And in the process, says writer Liz Petrone, parenthood can start to feel a bit lonely.