This 'Devil Baby's' First Sonogram Picture Left Her Parents Scared -- & Hysterically Laughing

devil baby sonogram

A soon-to-be mom was shocked when she went to get the first ultrasound image of her baby and got a devish-ly spooky surprise instead. Seventeen-year-old Iyanna Carrington of Richmond, Virginia, has jokingly dubbed her future offspring a "devil baby," after an ultrasound scan showed the baby facing the radar and grinning in a way that can only be described as creepy.

  • Carrington was at her 24-week scan when the Doppler picked up the haunting image.

    According to the Daily Mail, her nurse first rolled the Doppler over her stomach, revealing to the mom that -- surprise! -- she was having a girl. But it was during a second round of scans that the midwife caught the creepy image on the screen.

    Carrington's daughter was looking straight at the Doppler -- eyes wide open and with a strange grin.

    The mom-to-be said she was "scared" when she first saw the image, but her nurse assured her there was nothing to worry about.

    "I said 'She looks like a ghost' in the doctor's office, and the doctor said, 'Yeah, that's very [normal],''' Carrington recalled.

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  • The mom shared the photo on Facebook, where she joked that she was going to love her 'devil baby' no matter what.

    Once she shared the hilarious tale, the post quickly exploded. So far, it's been shared over 16,000 times and garnered more than 15,000 reactions. 

    "My weird [expletive] daughter bra most babies hide from the camera look at her demon mfn [expletive] bra," the mom-to-be wrote on August 27.

    "She a [expletive] creep," the mom jokingly added. "I love this devil baby so much already."

  • But in the end, Carrington said she knows her daughter will be "beautiful."

    The mom told the Daily Mail that she didn't know how her daughter knew to smile at the radar. 

    "Some people from the internet thought she was fake, but that's my real life baby there," she said. "The dad (Raleek) was there, too. He was shocked by the news that she was a girl, because he has two sons and he thought it would going to be another boy."

    Carrington said that both of the new parents were in hysterics over the picture. 

    "We were just laughing at the scan," she said. "You can see her little nose on [the first ultrasound image]. You can tell she's beautiful really."

    One thing's for sure: This pic will definitely make an awesome addition to the baby book!

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