Parents Get Ready: The 'Baby Shark Halloween' Remix Is Taking Over Fall

Baby Shark Halloween
YouTube/Super Simple Songs

Thought you could finally take Baby Shark off your Spotify playlist? Not so fast there, mama. Did you somehow forget that fall is officially/basically here? 'Tis the season for cozy scarves! And PSLs! And ... the "Baby Shark Halloween" remix! That's right -- in case you didn't know, a Halloween version of "Baby Shark" exists, and it's been torturing parents every fall for the last two years.

  • The "ghoulish" remix was first released back in 2017, but it's starting to make the rounds again now that everyone's getting their fall on.

    That might be why you've noticed it bubbling up again, as parents are starting to ease into the Halloween spirit along with back to school activities. 

    Wondering what the main difference is? Well, instead of the "Do do do do do do do's," you'd normally sing along to, the remix gets a ghosty makeover with lines such as "Baby shark boo boo boo, boo boo boo boo boo ... " (Get it?)

    And instead of Mommy, Baby, and Daddy shark, the new song refers to Mummy, Baby, and Ghost Shark, who are shown all dressed up in their Halloween costumes in the YouTube video.

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  • The video is pretty adorable, too, as both Mummy and Baby Shark enjoy a little Halloween night trick or treating in the clip.

    They're also joined by a few other trick-or-treaters: Ghost Shark, Pirate Shark, Cowboy Shark, and Princess Shark -- so sweet! 

    Unlike the original tune, which was created by Pink Fong, the remix was made by a company called Super Simple, which reportedly created the holiday-themed version to help young learners.

    But even if you're dreading having yet another "Baby Shark"-related tune stuck in your head, speech therapist Laura Brown says the songs can be helpful to young kids who are just learning language skills. 

    "I have used them in my special day programs, and have personally used them with my [3-year-old] son to encourage his language development," she recently told Romper. "They are my [go-to] videos when I let him have screen time." 

    Brown also encouraged parents to watch the YouTube video with their kids, and then ask them lots of questions to help them better engage with what they're watching. 

  • In the two years since its release, the song has become a bit of a hit online -- just like the original.

    Although it hasn't quite reached the popularity of the original "Baby Shark," which has reached more than 3 billion views online, the Halloween spin has amassed an impressive 76 million views on YouTube -- which we think clearly qualifies the new version as a success!