Mom Barely Makes it Through the First Days of School Before Getting a Call Over Girl's KY Jelly 'Mistake'

Tiara Young holding bottle of KY Jelly
Tiara Young/Facebook

It's finally September, which means that no matter how long your summer at home with the kids felt, you can finally let out a sigh of relief, because the kids are back in school! Someone ELSE is watching them for roughly eight hours a day. And during those eight hours, you are free from having to make them 400 snacks, break up fights, and generally be on guard for their ridiculous shenanigans. ALL HAIL, THE MOST GLORIOUS MONTH OF THE YEAR! ... Right? Well, sure. Except, here's the thing: As North Carolina mom Tiara Young recently learned, even when the kids are back in school, you're not ever totally free from their shenanigans. Sometimes, they follow you home from school -- and can leave you red-faced for all of eternity.

  • Young is the proud mother of three daughters, 10, 7, and 5 years old. 

    With school back in full swing, Young was having a somewhat busy and chaotic morning last week when her 5-year-old, Zoi, had a question: Could she pack some hand lotion in her backpack for school?

    Of course, her mom replied, telling her to go fetch the travel-sized lotion she has in her bedside table.

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  • But you see, this was where Young made one small, but fateful error ...

    While she was busily rushing around that morning, she'd forgotten that there were lots of other things in her bedside table too. For instance, in addition to travel-sized hand lotion, Young also had a small personal stash of "intimate" items for ... well, you know. And she had failed to remember that when her daughter marched her little 5-year-old self into her room and started digging around.

  • Young carried on with her morning, and managed to get all three of her kids off to school. But that's when she got a call she wasn't expecting.

    On the other end of the line was her 5-year-old's teacher, and she was laughing. A LOT. 

    "She asked did I know what [Zoi] used to put on her legs," the mom later relayed in a now-viral Facebook post. "I told her yeah, it's Jergen's lotion ... " 

    "This ain't no lotion, ma'am," the teacher informed her -- to which the mom's curiosity was suddenly piqued.

  • Young quickly trekked herself down to the school, where she continued to wonder just WHAT her daughter could have put on her legs.

    "I gets to the d--- school and see her all shiny, so I'm thinking to myself why TF did she take the baby oil?" the mom later wrote.

    But as it turned out, this was NOT baby oil.

  • It was then that the teacher "pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs," the mom recalled. "And it was some d--- KY."

    That's right -- as in KY Jelly. 




  • It's safe to say the mom of three was pretty embarrassed by the whole fiasco.

    "If anybody and I mean anybody wants a child ... " Young concluded her post, followed by a slew of angry emojis.

    Speaking with CafeMom, Young says she "immediately died inside, but also wanted to burst out laughing because [my daughter] had this weird facial expression."

    In fact, she admits it didn't take long for her to ultimately find the whole situation funny as heck, because she's aware her daughter had no idea what she was taking, and she regrets not checking herself to see what her daughter had grabbed.

  • As for sharing the whole embarrassing ordeal online? Young apparently didn't even hesitate.

    Tiara Young and her girls
    Tiara Young

    "I wanted my friends to see how my daughter couldn't wait to embarrass me," she jokes.

    And the internet is so glad she did. Since being shared on Facebook on August 28, the post has gone massively viral, with over 89K shares and over 1K comments. 

    Most of those comments are a mix of embarrassment and absolute amusement, with some writing "I would die," and others saying, "That is awesome."

    One thing's for sure: Kids do keep us on our toes -- and catch us out when we're not. In those moments, it's probably for the best that we let go of any embarrassment we might have and just let ourselves surrender to the laughter. After all, parenthood is way more fun that way.