Couple's 'Flashy' Range Rover Gender Reveal Might Take Things Too Far

Range Rover Gender Reveal

Thanks to the internet, we've all seen a LOT of gender reveal parties over the years. We've witnessed parents celebrating with gender reveal cakes, popping gender reveal balloons, and even setting off gender reveal smoke bombs ... They're all fun in their own way, but you gotta admit, it would be nice to finally see some fresh new ideas. Which is why we're dying over one couple's Range Rover gender reveal that's now going viral. (Yep, -- you read that right.) Except that it seems like the rest of the internet isn't so sure this one should get an A+.

  • Mom-to-be Shyla Walker shared a video of her reveal on Instagram last week, where it's quickly garnered a lot of attention (and with good reason).

    As friends and family gathered around the influencer couple, Walker and her partner, Landon McBroom, anxiously waited to unwrap a giant box in the driveway that covered Shyla's brand new dream car: A Range Rover. But the real excitement was over what color it would be -- either blue for a boy, or pink for a girl.

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  • After a quick countdown, guests see that their new car was .... * drumroll, please * ... PINK!

    "I got a Range Rover!" Walker later wrote in the YouTube video caption. But of course, the real excitement was over their baby-to-be. 

    Both parents expressed pure joy at finding out they were having a daughter, with McBroom breaking down in tears and the crowd erupting into cheers for the happy couple.

    "I literally couldn’t stop crying," he later wrote on Walker's Instagram post. "I was so overwhelmed. When my mom pulled me in and said 'you’re going to be an amazing father' I just lost it. The tears were coming."

    Walker also expressed her happiness at having a daughter. 

    "This was the most magical day of my life," she wrote. "I’ve always envisioned my future self with a little girl but like everyone else I assumed I was having a boy! No amount of words can describe the pure emotion and bliss I was feeling. I got my little girl!"

  • But the public reaction to the over-the-top announcement was pretty mixed.

    The video has gone viral on the couple's YouTube channel, reaching more than 4 million views and counting. And over on Walker's post, it's been viewed over a million times. 

    Some people thought the reveal was a sweet and creative way to announce your baby's gender.

    "Best reveal!" one woman wrote in the comments on Walker's post. "She’s going to be so beautiful."

    "You got a whole [expletive] pink range I’m crying. I got a rude [expletive] doctor who just said 'It’s a boy!' so quick," joked another commenter.

    "If I don’t have a gender reveal like this, I don’t want one," another person added.

  • Meanwhile, other people thought the whole thing was awkward AF.

    "She didn’t look happy at all," one man wrote in the comments. "She was more interested in the car ... congrats tho! "

    "Of all the gender reveals I’ve [seen], this right here is the absolute most extra," someone else wrote in the comments.

    They weren't the only people giving these parents side-eye. 

    "Hmmm please change the caption to 'Care more about the Rover than knowing I am having a girl'," the woman wrote. "No hate. Just actions speak louder than words! On this case the video says it all."

    Still, at least one commenter went to bat for the mom, and begged other people to cut her some slack. 

    "Of course she’s happy," the woman wrote. "People show their emotions differently ... she’s probably just not the crying type with this sort of stuff. Give her a break."