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  • At least one person thought the mom-to-be was making a mistake, though.

    "I enjoyed having my mum and MIL around when I had my babies," the woman wrote. "An extra set of hands to hold the baby was welcomed by my husband and me ... my advice is not to shut family out in those first couple of weeks."

    But despite both sides of the argument, the poster later wrote that she was standing firm in her decision. She wrote that her mom later sent her a text trying to make peace.

    It read: “I hope everything went well with your last sonogram. I love you, but I just can’t argue with you anymore ... I hope you feel better today, and have a good day."

    "This is annoying to me because I don’t want to argue either," the mom admitted. "I need her to stop arguing and respect my decisions and boundaries. But I have learned that you can’t reason with the unreasonable."

    Here's hoping the poster has a relatively easy delivery -- and things go smoother than they have been once her baby is finally here.