Newborns Delivered During Shark Week Are Being Sent Home in 'Baby Shark' Onesies

Jo Kerman/Bo McMillan, The Christ Hospital Health Network

baby in Baby Shark onesie
Jo Kerman/Bo McMillan, The Christ Hospital Health Network

Brace yourselves, Parent Sharks! Just when you thought you finally escaped it, a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, is proving that the song Baby Shark can be seriously precious. As part of a weeklong celebration similar to Discovery Channel's Shark Week, The Christ Hospital Health Network is running a special giveaway where all newborn babies delivered between July 28 and August 3 will receive a free Baby Shark onesie to go home in, and it's an adorable parting gift for new moms and dads.

  • Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo! This adorable onesie is part of a special Shark Week promotion.

    baby in Baby Shark onesie
    Bo McMillan/The Christ Hospital Health Network

    Admit it: You still tap your toes every time you hear baby bop. That is why this Baby Shark onesie is the perfect gift for new parents who deliver during Shark Week and their tiny additions. 

    CafeMom spoke with Bo McMillan, a senior consultant in the hospital's communications and media relations department, who told us just how excited staff are to offer this special treat to new parents. "The Christ Hospital and Newport Aquarium are joining forces to create the first-ever Baby Shark Week, a fun new twist on the Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week!" McMillan says.

    McMillan added that all "mommy shark and daddy sharks" also get a treat: two tickets to Newport Aquarium.

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  • The hospital even created a special filter for Snapchat so parents can a take sharky shot of their little ones. 

    baby in Baby Shark onesie
    Bo McMillan, The Christ Hospital Health Network

    This isn't the fist time that the hospital has offered its new parents a special treat. "We’ve been doing limited-edition onesies for quite some time now," McMillan says. "We try to do one per month and typically theme them around holidays. For example, we did an 'Our Little Firecracker' earlier this month for the (July) 4 and a 'Just Hatched' for Easter. This is the first time we’ve ever done this for a week, though."

    McMillan adds that the reason they chose the nautical theme was because of the hospital's "close relationship with Newport Aquarium."

    "They’re hailed as the “Shark Capital of the Midwest” and are currently celebrating their Shark Summer. It just ended up being a perfect fit!" he says.

  • At the end of the day, McMillan says he hopes the campaign will put smiles on people's faces.

    So far the hospital has given away 100 onesies and estimate that it'll give away another 100 before the end of the week. The hospital is also running a contest on its Facebook page where parents can enter to win a Baby Shark backpack or book.

    McMillan says that so far the response to the campaign "has been incredible!"

    "Seeing the hospital and aquarium on major news outlets across the nation has been a blast, and the comments we’re seeing on social media have been so fun," he notes. "That was our goal, you know? We wanted to do something fun that made people smile."