Family DIYs a Magnolia Playhouse for Their Little 'Fixer Upper' Fan & the Details are Incredible

Haley Curfman

Devin and Reese Curfman pose outside the Magnolia Silos replica
Haley Curfman

Brace yourselves, Fixer Upper fans! Making the rounds on Facebook this week is a DIY kids' playhouse inspired by the famed Magnolia Silos -- and it so adorable, it just might inspire you to head out to the hardware store, stock up on some paint and plywood, and create your own. (You know, if you're feeling ambitious!)

  • The pint-sized playhouse was a labor of love for the Curfman family of Oklahoma, who are all self-professed DIY-lovers.

    Mini Magnolia Market playhouse in the making
    Haley Curfman

    When the subject of a playhouse came up for 2-year-old niece Reese Curfman, the family's creative wheels started turning.

    "My family, as a whole, just loves the modern farmhouse style, and of course Fixer Upper and Chip and JoJo are inspirational," says Reese's aunt, Haley Curfman. "My mom [Shannon] was the one that wanted to make her playhouse a little Magnolia Market, and we all jumped on board to create it."

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  • And so, Haley, her mom Shannon, and her brother Devin (Reese's dad), all got to work.

    Devin and Reese work on the playhouse together
    Haley Curfman

    Haley says the base of the sign was made with a lot of measuring marks, blue tape, and paint. Her mom used Printshop and a Cricut to cut out permanent vinyl letters and complete that trademark Magnolia look.

  • "We took apart a light stand and used the domes for the lights and spray painted them black," she tells CafeMom.

    Side view of the Magnolia Market Silos
    Haley Curfman

    As for those adorable seats? Believe it or not, they were made with plumbing pipes!

    In fact, metal plumbing parts were used for the extension arms of the lights, too.

  • The barn doors were made out of scrap wood, most of which was found at Lowe's, Haley says.

    Haley Curfman

    And the interior? It's covered in faux shiplap, of course! (Because duh, you can't have a Joanna Gaines-inspired design without going wall-to-wall with shiplap.)

  • Little Reece was involved in the whole process, Haley says -- and she loved every minute of it.

    Devin and his daughter Reese stand in the wood frame of the playhouse
    Haley Curfman

    "She loves to pick up tools just like her dad and helped many times holding the measuring tape for him," she says.

    In the end, all that hard work sure paid off.

  • The project took several months to complete, and Haley estimates they spent around $300 to $500 on supplies. But the finished product was worth it.

    Side-by-side of Chip and Joanna at their silos, and Devin and Reese at their's.
    Haley Curfman

    In the end, the mini replica was pretty impressive -- and Facebook agrees.

    Haley posted some playhouse photos, along with its inspiration, on Sunday, and it's now been liked more than 9K times.

    "Too cute!!!" wrote one woman. "What a lucky little girl!"

    "This is what dreams are made of ... " wrote another.

  • But perhaps no one is as big a fan of the playhouse as little Reese, who has already made it her own.

    Reese Curfman sits on a stool while sipping a milkshake
    Haley Curfman

    "My niece loves it!" Haley tells CafeMom. "She has her own little 'she shed'! She's already filled her tin pots with flowers and weeds she's picked out of the yard and already taken a Crayon to a wall or two. I guess that's how kids put their mark on things!"

    And in case you're wondering, the DIY projects aren't ending with this one. The Curfmans are already planning two more Fixer Upper-inspired designs to complete a little play space for Reese. One will be a mini replica of the Gaines' restaurant, Magnolia Table, and the other will be modeled after their bakery, Silos Baking Co.

    Ummmm what? Honestly, I understand that these are all intended for kids, but I just so happen to know a certain 34-year-old woman who'd want one of these bad boys for herself. (A girl can dream!)