1-Year-Old 'Aladdin' Goes on a Magic 'Cake' Ride with an Adorable Disney-Themed Smash

Aladdin baby photo shoot shows Jett Smith dressed as the popular character
Lynn Puzzo Photography

I'm not sure I've ever seen a cake smash photo shoot that wasn't super adorable, but I gotta say -- this new one out of Georgia is really giving the rest of 'em a run for their money. Its star? A soon-to-be 1-year-old named Jett Smith, who celebrated his upcoming birthday by channeling Aladdin -- magic carpet and all.

  • The adorable photos were taken by Lynn Puzzo, a Georgia photographer who's no stranger to epic cake smashes.

    Last month, Puzzo's photos went viral after she created a Starbucks-themed photo shoot featuring a cake resembling her favorite drink of choice: the frappuccino!

    Recently, Puzzo was also asked by Jett's parents to stage a cake smash for his upcoming birthday on August 5. Their one request? That the theme be either Aladdin or The Lion King.

    With Disney's live-action version of Aladdin set to be released at the time, Puzzo decided to go with Aladdin -- and boy, did she pull it off with flying colors.

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  • Puzzo tells CafeMom that she was sure to to watch the new movie and brush up on all its little details while preparing for the shoot.

    It also helped that she's a self-professed "huge" Disney fan.

    "I'm always incredibly excited about any Disney themed sessions!" she says. But her love for Disney extends far beyond the photography studio. "My life goals always include going to Disney," she says, adding that she's gone to Disney World many times, has a Disney tattoo, and is even considering getting married there. 

    (Hey Lynn, don't forget my invite!)

  • The set itself was a labor of love for Puzzo, which was dressed with items she both made and purchased.

    She made the tower of jewels and coins by hand, rigged the genie's lamp with lights, and even hand drew, cut, and painted the castle herself. 

    She added in some breadsticks and an apple for good measure. 

    "These were important parts of the set referencing Agrabah and Aladdin being a thief/'street rat," says Puzzo, noting the scene where Aladdin steals an apple for Jasmine. "I also used one of my own gold bracelets that Abu is holding in the set to reference when Abu stole Jasmine's bracelet from her."

    To create Aladdin's look, Puzzo found a handmade costume online, from the Etsy shop Achieve Make Believe.

  • But of course, the scene wouldn't have been complete without a magic carpet!

    "I really tried to think of Agrabah in the movie when purchasing items for the set," says Puzzo. 

    And it looks like she hit the nail right on the head.

  • When all was said and done, the photo shoot went off without a hitch. (Well, for the most part.)

    Puzzo admits that when it came to the cake -- which was made by Diana Leon of Lady Di's Cake House -- Jett wasn't too into eating it. Or smashing it, for that matter.

    "[Jett's] mom and I were both covered in cake by the end of the session," she admits, "but Jett didnt eat any of it! In fact, mom and I smashed more of it than he did!"

  • (LOL -- 1-year-olds are nothing if unpredictable.)

    Oh, well. Even if he didn't fully appreciate the cake, little Jett sure did make for one cute Aladdin!