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  • Other people thought it was genius.

    "This.Is.Genius." one enthusiastic commenter wrote. "I love it! Can I borrow it for my road please?!"

    "You are my hero. I don't understand what is wrong with people," a second person wrote.

    "Oh you win the internet today! That photo is just fab," someone else added.

    And although a vulgar word might not be the best way to get this message across, we have to admit that whatever works, works!

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  • Some people thought the mom had the right idea but didn't appreciate the profanity.

    "I rather people didn't put swear words near schools or where children are likely to see them," one person wrote in the comments. "Slow down I think would work as well and in fact is less dangerous as is less of a distraction."

    "All fun and games until a child reads that word and starts saying it," another commenter added. "If I knew it was you and my daughter was exposed to that sign I would personally come to your door and be saying a lot stronger."

    And a third person agreed that it was inappropriate. "Great idea but I'd be livid if I had to drive past that every day with my child in the car," the commenter wrote.