Angry Mom 'Finally Snaps' & Creates 'Vulgar' Sign To Get Speeding Drivers' Attention

Mom makes sign

One mom has the many on the internet applauding after she decided to take a stand with a "creative" sign intended to save some lives. The mom was tired of drivers speeding down the road in her town, but instead of quietly fuming about it, she decided to take action with an eyebrow-raising warning to drivers who need to slow down. Although the sign has won over many fans online, not everyone is laughing. Some people think the sign is inappropriate because of the questionable language she used along with a child's picture.

  • As the mom explained online, she was sick and tired of watching drivers speed down the road that divides her town.

    In a post written on Netmums, the anonymous parent explained that where she lives cars "absolutely rocket through."

    "It's supposed to be a 30 mph limit but it's a straight road," she added, which means that people tend to speed right on through. But not anymore. The mom took it upon herself to put a stop to the speedy drivers. "I had a free couple of hours while [Other Half] was doing the swimming lesson run so I got to work," she wrote. "I printed and mounted this little bit of 'alternative' signage and stuck it on the bridge at the bottom of the village."

    "And I swear it worked!!!" she added. "Cars were slowing down significantly."

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  • Though her sign did include a noticeable vulgar word, the mom is unbothered.

    Some people might object to the vulgar word on the mom's sign, but the mom explained that "it worries me that drivers would be more worried by the idea of a child swearing at them than the idea of killing a child with their reckless driving."

    She added that she hopes her message will stick around. "It's a small step and we'll see how long it stays up there but who knows, it could slow someone down just enough to save a life," she wrote. "Now, time for a glass of wine!"

  • Other people thought it was genius.

    "This.Is.Genius." one enthusiastic commenter wrote. "I love it! Can I borrow it for my road please?!"

    "You are my hero. I don't understand what is wrong with people," a second person wrote.

    "Oh you win the internet today! That photo is just fab," someone else added.

    And although a vulgar word might not be the best way to get this message across, we have to admit that whatever works, works!

  • Some people thought the mom had the right idea but didn't appreciate the profanity.

    "I rather people didn't put swear words near schools or where children are likely to see them," one person wrote in the comments. "Slow down I think would work as well and in fact is less dangerous as is less of a distraction."

    "All fun and games until a child reads that word and starts saying it," another commenter added. "If I knew it was you and my daughter was exposed to that sign I would personally come to your door and be saying a lot stronger."

    And a third person agreed that it was inappropriate. "Great idea but I'd be livid if I had to drive past that every day with my child in the car," the commenter wrote.