Veterinarian Finds 19 Pacifiers Lodged in Dog's Stomach

Dog Swallows 19 pacifiers

Sometimes our precious pups get themselves into trouble, and for one family from Boston, Massachusetts, the moment their boy Mortimer stopped eating his dinner they knew he was in trouble. After rushing to the veterinary hospital, veterinarians discovered that the bulldog had secretly swallowed 19 baby pacifiers. Now, a photo of Mortimer post-treatment is going viral as it raises awareness. 

  • The family knew something was wrong with their beloved fur baby after he stopped eating completely, despite medicine from the vet.

    The dog's owner, Emily Shanahan, started to notice that something wasn't right with the 3-year-old American bulldog in April, according to WHDH. The dog-mom noticed that her boy was getting nauseous before meals and took him to the vet hoping for a cure. The vet prescribed medication for Mortimer, but the treatment didn't take, and Shanahan ended up bringing her dog back to the vet when he stopped eating entirely.

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  • It was then that vets found something strange on Mortimer's X-ray: 19 baby pacifiers lodged in his stomach.

    Mortimer was examined at Angell Animal Medical Center, which is where doctors made the strange discovery. They believed that the pooch was sneaking the strange snacks from Shanahan's two children over the course of two months, and one vet explained that Mortimer possibly was going after the pacifiers because they had milk left on them.

    Vets were luckily able to remove the pacifiers without surgery, using a medical scope to retrieve them, reported ABC 7

  • Thankfully, he's expected to make a full recovery and he's resting back at home.