Target's Message to Breastfeeding Customers Is Why Moms Love This Store So, So Much

Target breastfeeding message
Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk

A Target in Weatherford, Texas, has given us another reason why the big-box retailer is everyone's favorite store. A photo was recently taken of a sign posted in the Targé which encouraged nursing mamas to breastfeed "wherever and whenever you like" while shopping. The photo has since exploded online and moms are praising the move as important support for nursing moms as well as a huge step towards making sure that everyone knows breastfeeding in public is perfectly normal.

  • As the sign shows, nursing moms aren't just always welcome at Target, they're also celebrated.

    In a photo published on the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk  a sign was posted in the store which told nursing moms that they were welcome to breastfeed while shopping. "Because we think #momsrock," it read.

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  • And if you're not the type of mom who is comfortable nursing while you browse through the bedding aisle, it also has a private breastfeeding space. If you want it -- not because the store believes that's the only place appropriate for breastfeeding. 

    The sign added that moms who want a more "comfy" or "private" space to nurse or do a quick diaper change are welcome to use the store's Nursing Room to take care of their little ones.

    "A peaceful spot to take a break during your Target Run -- and it’s even stocked with some free goodies to make you and baby’s time there even sweeter,” the sign read. “Happy Nursing, and Happy Shopping!”

  • And the response online has been euphoric. Nursing moms everywhere are loving that Target loves them back.

    One mom shared her own story of a time that a Target store had her back. "I had a lady once harass me in the food court at Target," one mom wrote in the comments section. "She went to get a manager. And the manager ended up asking her to leave and gave me a free drink. I was a new mom with a tongue tied baby. That simple gesture made my year."

    And a former employee also sung the company's praises. "I worked at Target while nursing my first kiddo," she wrote. "They were one of the most supportive employers I've ever had when it's come to pumping. I got a private space, didn't have to take the time out of my regular break, and my bosses usually had some snacks and something to drink waiting in there. Retail is brutal but target was honestly amazing."

    "A manager gave me a free water & pretzel when I was nursing a few years ago because she remembered how hungry [breastfeeding] made her," share another mom. "I love Target."

    Which all goes to show that when it comes to removing the stigma of nursing, Target is doing it 100% right.