Dad-to-Be Nails it With a Gender Reveal That Turns Into a Surprise Proposal

Amy Leishman/Facebook

It was an exciting day for Scottish couple Amy Leishman and Kevin McIntyre. They were expecting their first child together, and like many couples, they had planned a gender reveal party and gathered family and friends for the big day.

  • But it would turn out to be an even bigger day than everyone had imagined, because Kevin had something else planned, too.

    After Amy, 25, popped a balloon that was supposed to contain pink or blue confetti to reveal the sex of their baby, there were a few moments of confusion as silver confetti rained down instead.

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  • That’s when Amy sees the note.

    As the expectant mom starts to read it to herself, the room falls silent, unsure of what the note says. Someone off camera even whispers, “I’m confused.”

  • Then Kevin pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee to propose to the surprised mom-to-be.

    "Will you marry me?” he says, as Amy runs to hug him. 

    The room erupts into cheering and clapping as Amy wipes tears from her eyes. 

    "Only one person in the family was aware that I was going to propose and that was my auntie who you can hear telling everyone to be quiet -- everyone else was just so surprised,” Kevin told the Mirror.

    But there is still the gender of the baby to reveal, and video captures the moment that Amy pops another balloon as the room chants a countdown.

  • It’s a girl! A burst of pink erupts from the balloon as everyone cheers and Amy dances through the confetti at the exciting news.

    It’s obviously a big day of celebrating, one that Kevin had been planning for awhile. 

    "Amy said she wanted to do the gender reveal thing with the balloon a few weeks ago and the idea popped into my head -- no pun intended!” he told GlasgowLive

    "I thought it was a cracking idea as I did always intend on proposing at some point and it went brilliantly. I couldn’t have asked any better, with all our close friends and family there as well.”

  • The dad-to-be gushed also about his new fiancée. 

    "I can’t believe I found someone that makes me so so happy just by looking at her and I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make her feel the same way I do,” Kevin said.

    The couple have been together almost three years, since their first date on Boxing Day in 2016.

  • Their baby is due in October, and they’ll be holding off on wedding plans until the bundle of joy arrives.

    "We've got a wee Halloween baby due on October 31,” Kevin said. “As you can see it’s gonna a be girl which of course as you can tell that’s what Amy was wanting.”

    "She still can't she still can’t believe it. She told me it was something you see happening in a movie. We're well chuffed."

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