97-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Just Attended Her first Prom & Was Queen of the Dance Floor


As many others did this time of year, Helen Danis put on her dress and dancing shoes and headed off to the big dance she's been looking forward to.

The only difference is that this enthusiastic prom-goer is 97 years old.

  • Danis, from Rhode Island, couldn’t afford to go to her high school prom 80 years ago.

    "I couldn't keep up with the kids," Danis told NBC 10 News. "I didn't really fit in. We were in the middle of a depression and money was scarce.”

    That's why Danis’ granddaughter came up with a plan, because she’s been helping her grandmother fulfill some of her lifelong dreams.

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  • She decided to ask her grandmother to prom.

    "We've been doing a lot of things that she has said she wanted to do," Huddon said. "She sat on Santa's lap for the first time in December.”

    “I never know about her, she's full of surprises,” Danis said about her granddaughter’s plans.

    Huddon contacted the local high school that her son attends, and she got permission from the principal to bring her grandmother to prom.

  • There was even a "promposal" to make things official.

    “I got a crown for her and wrote her a note, asking her to be my date to prom,” said Julie Huddon. “She’s mentioned a couple times about not being able to go to her prom.”

    “Grammie, will you be my prom queen and go to prom with me?” the note read.

  • Huddon posted a video of her grandmother’s reaction. “As soon as I gave it to her, she loved it,” she said.

    To prepare for the big day, Huddon bought her grandmother a new dress -- one that Danis was eager to show off on the dance floor. 

    “Well, if they know how to do the Hully Gully, I’ll do it again,” Danis said.

  • It looks like Danis had a lovely time at the prom. And she was even named prom queen.

    Danis spent the night showing off her new dress on the dance floor and enjoying the Cupid Shuffle as well as the Cha-Cha Slide.

    “I feel blessed that I can share some of her memories,” Huddon said. “I’ll always remember this night.”