Mom Gives Birth in Under 4 Minutes in the Car With Her 3 Kids

Mom gives birth in car
Michael Anthony Addison/Facebook

Two parents had the surprise of a lifetime after their little girl was born just minutes away from the hospital -- and their 10-year-old caught the entire thing on video. Michael Addison and Rudia Napier from Henderson, Nevada, had no idea that their little girl would arrive as quickly as she did, but luckily the parents now have proof of their little miracle's incredible venture into the world. In a video that's gone viral, it shows Napier as she gives birth in their car and it's something to see.


Although Napier's due date wasn't until June 8, both parents were surprised to find themselves in an incredible situation as they drove to a checkup at Henderson Hospital on May 24. According to KTNV, the couple was less than 10 minutes away from the hospital when Napier's water broke and she started to feel her baby's head pushing its way through her body. 

The couple had brought their three children along for the appointment, so they were in the car when things started happening -- quickly. Addison explained that as he drove, they started to film the ride to record a "pre-baby delivery video" but they never expected it to turn into more than that. 

"[The video was] just getting ready to welcome the baby into the world. You know, in the future. We didn't expect it to happen in the next four minutes," Addison said.

But that was exactly what happened. Within minutes, Napier could feel her contractions getting stronger and she warned her husband that the baby was on her way. Luckily for the family, their son Jayden was in charge of recording the car ride and managed to capture the entire thing, noted Fox 5.

As the video from the chaotic car ride shows, their son and two daughters were in tears in the back seat. All the while, dad tried to safely get them to the hospital and keep his wife calm as she pushed their baby earthside in a matter of minutes.

"He's like, 'Can you hold it?' And I was like, 'no!' So I just pushed and I pushed. I couldn't take it anymore and that's when her head popped out," the mom recalled.

Which is how, minutes before they were due at the hospital, their daughter, Jolee Lavergne Addison, was born in the front seat.

At first the mom was nervous when she didn't hear her new baby girl cry out, but dad assured her that Jolee's eyes were open and that she was healthy and safe.

The couple then made it to the hospital where both Napier and Jolee were admitted to be checked out. 

"It was an experience, and it was the scariest and best experience I ever had," the dad told Inside Edition"Honestly, the only thing going through my mind was, ‘It is time to man up!’ It was clearly very frightening," he added.

The dad later described the incident as a "beautiful nightmare" on his Facebook page and shared the reason why he posted the video, which has now racked up more than 9.6 million views.

"Hopefully the video didn’t offend anyone, to be completely honest I only posted it because I thought the commentary was hilarious and my son recorded such a PG-13 angle I was like, “Oh wow I don’t even have to edit anything," he joked.

"[It was] crazy honestly. I would say I was surprised cause we were just in back seat. I was recording and I guess he forgot I had the phone," Jayden told KTNV.

Now the parents have brought baby Jolee back home with them and the Internet has dubbed Jolee the "Infiniti Baby" because she was born in the family's Infiniti FX35. 

The family has now started a fundraiser to raise money to be able to buy a larger minivan that will fit their new family of six and told Fox 5 that they are appreciative of the well-wishes they've received from people online. "A lot of people wrote this video had me crying and laughing at the same time. 'Oh my god, I'm so happy for you guys, god bless you, congratulations to all,' 'ya'll, momma bear did a good job,'" Addison said.

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