Hero Sister Rushes Back into Burning House to Save 4-Year-Old Brother on Second Floor

CBS Chicago

Four-year-old Davarion Wilson survived a house fire thanks to the bravery of his 19-year-old sister, Tatianna Wilson, who ran through flames to rescue him.

The fire, in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago, started just before 5 a.m. Thursday. Ten people and two dogs were reportedly in the home when the blaze began.

  • After rushing out of the home, Davarion's big sister realized that one person had not escaped.

    “He was in the room. We heard him crying,” Tatianna’s sister, Erickia Johnson, told CBS Chicago.

    Seeing that the house was engulfed in flames and that every minute mattered, Tatianna made a selfess decision. 

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  • When Tatianna realized that her little brother was still in the house, she ran back into the burning structure and up the stairs to find him.

    Instead of waiting for first responders, the teen ran into burning home and up to the second floor where her baby brother was. After she carried him back out to the front porch, paramedics began treating both of them. 

    “She’s a hero. She was very brave to go back in there and risk herself getting burnt to just help her brother get out,” Sharon Aikens said.

    Johnson said that although Tatiana was not injured when she first escaped the fire, she suffered burns on her back, shoulders, neck, and legs when she went back in to rescue Davarion.

  • “I feel like she’s a hero, because she didn’t have to do that,” her sister said.

    “She could have just left out of the house, and tried to protect herself, but she’d rather risk her life for others,” Johnson said.

    Both Tatianna and Davarion were taken to the hospital in serious to critical condition.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation.