Mom of 3 Following Journey of Toddler With ‘Prune Belly’ on Facebook to Donate Her Kidney

Facebook/A Miracle For Kaleb

A stranger has given one family from Fresno, California, the greatest gift of their lives. Kevin and Mandy Perry's son Kaleb was born with a rare disease known as prune belly syndrome, a condition which caused him to need a kidney donor. Desperate for help, the parents took to Facebook to share their son's story, and it was there that a stranger who had been following them came across their situation and offered her kidney for their little boy.

  • Since the day he was born, Kaleb has had complications with his lungs, kidneys, and bladder.

    According to a GoFundMe account created to raise money for the family's medical bills, Kaleb was born September 15, 2016, but immediately after his birth "he was rushed to the NICU where he was being examined and tested for his lungs, kidneys, and bladder," loved ones wrote. It was also there that his parents also received a heartbreaking diagnosis. 

    Kaleb has prune belly syndrome -- also known as triad syndrome or Eagle-Barrett syndrome -- which is the absence of abdominal muscles, undescended testicles, an abnormal, expanded bladder, and problems in the upper urinary tract. 

    Kaleb had a myriad of problems related to his disease. He needs surgery to create a "functioning anus: because he was born without one, as well as to bring down his testicles, "urinary tract reconstruction, muscle transposition surgery (placing one quad muscle from each of his legs in his tummy area to create abdominal muscles), and a tummy tuck," his GoFundMe account noted. 

    And his recovery has had its ups and downs. But now at 2 years old, he needs help again. ABC 13 reported that doctors recently told the parents that the boy desperately needed a kidney.

    "Kaleb's labs the last couple of months have been getting worse and worse at a level where he would typically be on dialysis," his mother explained. Mandy and her husband had been sharing their son's medical journey on a Facebook page called A Miracle for Kaleb, and it was when they shared the latest terrifying update that a stranger came to their rescue. 

    "As soon as that started happening, Susie reached out to me," Mandy continued.

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  • Mom of three Susie had been following Kaleb's story online, and it turned out that she was a perfect match.

    And this kindhearted stranger also lives in Fresno, not far from the family. But the interesting thing is that she wasn't related to the Perrys and she had never met them before either. After getting in touch, Susie -- who is known only by her first name -- got tested and learned she was a perfect match for the little boy.

    "She called me and said, 'They approved me and I get to give a kidney to Kaleb,'" Mandy said. "Automatically I was just in tears because I don't know what to say," Perry said. 

    The parents shared the happy news on their Facebook page. "We couldn’t wait to share the news with you all. We are excited and absolutely terrified all at the same time," they wrote. "The date is set for May 28th at Stanford [University Medical Center]."

    The parents continued to explain that they had pleaded for no dialysis for Kaleb "and just more time." 

    "He gave us almost 3 years without dialysis or needing a new kidney," the post added. "We know this is 100 percent from God and we can see Him in every single part of this as we look back."

    The Perrys will have to stay near the hospital in Palo Alto for at least six weeks after surgery, but considering the other options for Kaleb, the time doesn't seem to be so bad.

    "His doctor told us on Tuesday if he didn't have this donor, I would be talking to you about dialysis," Perry told ABC 13. "I could breathe again after hearing that because I know it's the right thing. It's scary, but I just know...I have that peace about it." 

  • Mandy said that it was hard for her to watch her son go through his medical issues by himself, which is why she's so thankful for Susie.

    "When you can't help your child, like you can't do anything, and you have to depend on someone else to do that for you, it's scary," she explained. "It's going to give him life. I can't even explain how that feels just to know someone would do that for him." 

    The mom continued on Facebook that both she and her husband "feel so blessed to have found this perfect donor for Kaleb (....) I cry every time I think of her."

    The Perrys will also be taking Kaleb on a little vacation to Disneyland later this week to celebrate his donor match.

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