'Spoiled Husband' Shirt Meant to Scare Off Other Women Is Getting Wives Heated

spoiled husband shirt
Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk

I don't care who you are; when you see a dad walking by in a graphic tee, your eyes can't help but read the message. Usually, they say something along the lines of "World's Best Father," with "Father" crossed out and "Farter" subbed in. They're objectively funny, in a #dadjoke kinda way, and universally enjoyable. But other times, a dude's graphic tee catches your eye that makes you do a double take and strain to get a better look. Such is the case for a T-shirt going viral on Facebook, which has a message on its front from "spoiled husbands" everywhere that's ignited a fiery debate.

  • The T-shirt, which was posted to the popular Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk is getting people heated.

    "Yes! I’m a spoiled husband,” it begins. “But not yours. I am the property of a freaking awesome wife.”

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  • Hmm OK, all well and good I suppose. Please do go on, sir ...

    “She’s a bit crazy and scares me sometimes,” it continues.
  • Wait -- say WHAT now?

    “Don’t flirt with me,” it goes on. "If you can read this you are already too close.”

    And then, in teeny tiny letters all the way at the bottom, it concludes: “Yes, she bought me this shirt.”

  • Well, that sure is a whole lot to unpack.

    For starters, I get that it's supposed to be funny. Really, I do. I consider myself a person with a healthy sense of humor, and graphic T-shirts like this one are often meant to be read for a chuckle and not too much thought.

    But I can also see why people began to immediately take issue with it.

  • Many Facebook users called the T-shirt's message toxic and cringey, and they didn't appreciate the whole "crazy wife" trope it perpetuates.

    I mean, sure, a T-shirt like this isn't meant to be taken literally -- and it's not like I believe this guy is chained up in the basement when he goes home or anything. But there is something a little weird about a shirt that's meant to ward off any women who might be walking near or even talking to a married man. And it's even weirder that the message is meant to be coming from his wife. (Whatever happened to having a mutually trusting relationship?)

    "We're not 'property' of anyone," one woman wrote. "I agree this is too much. Not very cute."

    "I could never make my hubby wear that," commented another. "It would be weird if he chose to wear it himself too."

  • Plenty of others agreed and called out how problematic the T-shirt really is when you stop and think about it.

    "Sounds like a weird abusive relationship, but ok," wrote one woman.

    Others cast blame at the hypothetical wife who would buy such a T-shirt.

    "If this doesn’t scream 'I’m insecure!' I don’t know what does," wrote one user.

    "Hi," quipped one woman. "I'm a red flag."

  • A whole slew of people chimed in to tell all of Facebook to CTFD, though.

    "This is meant to be funny people," wrote one person, "laugh and move on!"

    "Lmao people are crazy if they can’t see the humor in this," wrote another. "Even if you switched it to wife, yes, it’s still funny."

  • Still, some refused to be amused.

    "To all the people saying it was 'meant to be a joke,' that it’s 'humor,' 'laugh and move on' ... it’s not funny," wrote one woman. "There are no jokes. Zero comedy. What’s funny? A wife controlling a husband so hard she makes him wear the equivalent of a leash? HA.HAH. GOT ME THERE KAREN! REAL F-CKING KNEE SLAPPER."

  • OK, yikes ... who knew we could all be so divided over a graphic tee?

    The bottom line? The T-shirt is definitely a bit extreme, and it's not my brand of humor -- or the message I'd want to put out into the world about my relationship. But hey, it's a free country, America. So if you want to give your husband an over-the-top, slightly cringey T-shirt, by all means go ahead. 

    Just expect to get some hardcore stares if he ever breaks that thing out at Disney World. Or the mall. Or, well, basically anywhere.