Mom Names Rainbow Baby Khaleesi -- After the Strong Woman Who Helped Her Heal After Miscarriages

Katherine Rodriguez

Katherine Rodriguez

When it comes to naming your baby, you never know where inspiration might strike. Maybe you find the perfect name digging into your favorite novel or catch it in a song. But one mom found the inspiration for her daughter's name from her favorite television show. Katherine Acosta from Houston, Texas, had suffered incredible heartbreak when she lost a baby in a miscarriage, but as she tells CafeMom, watching Game of Thrones helped her through the pain. When Acosta got pregnant again with her daughter in August 2017, she knew exactly what to name her: Khaleesi.

  • The mom says she only started watching Game of Thrones as a way to take her mind off the pain of a recent miscarriage.

    Katherine Acosta

    Acosta says that she and her husband, Rubio Acosta, got pregnant in February 2017, but only 12 weeks into her pregnancy, the mom experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage.

    "It took a toll on us and we were so upset," she says. As a way to take her mind off her troubles, a friend of the couple, Edgar, introduced them to the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, which totally engrossed Acosta.

    "I’m the type to watch a show start to end so I automatically finished it in a week," she tells CafeMom. "I was obsessed!"

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  • But as luck would have it, the mom got pregnant again with twins that August.

    Katherine Acosta

    And more excitingly, Acosta was pregnant with a boy and a girl. "We felt extremely blessed, still do," she says. The couple even posted a video of their gender reveal on Twitter that went viral. 

    The parents decided to name their future son Ruben Rubio Acosta Jr. -- "a little piece of his dad and his grandpa who passed."

    But for their daughter, the mom took a little inspiration from her favorite TV character. "I was on my second run on watching Game of Thrones and I just loved the character Daenerys, everything she stood for, her confidence and eagerness to make the world a better place," Acosta says. "Khaleesi in Dothraki language means 'Queen.' To us she would be our queen, and since my name starts with K, hers would too."

    And because their son would also have the a name that started as the same letter as his father, "it just felt like it was meant to be."

    Although this mom-to-be didn't have dragons or a claim to the Iron Throne, Khaleesi felt very meaningful to her. "I think I related to Daenerys so much because she as well lost her baby. She gained three dragons whom she treated as her kids too. I didn’t have dragons but I gained twins and I had my dog Swish," she recalls.

    But her good fortune would soon be cut short, and like Daenerys, tragedy struck again. Acosta suffered a miscarriage again, and this time, she lost her son. "Around 27 weeks we got horrible news that I had lost my son," she says, "It was a miracle that Khaleesi was okay and alive. Of course we were In pain but still feeling blessed."

  • Acosta gave birth to her daughter in March 2018 -- the only little dragon to survive.

    Katherine Rodriguez

    Acosta ended up giving birth to her fighter two months early. Of course her little queen only wanted to come out on her own terms. "She had me in the hospital for a week straight. She wanted to come out, but then stop and (come out) again. It was a long roller coaster," the mom remembers. "She then finally made her entrance to the world in March 2018."

    Khaleesi was born weighing a mere 4 pounds, but her mom says "she was so strong since day one."

    Acosta had to stay in the NICU for two weeks after Khaleesi's birth. And as she waited for her baby to grow strong and for her body to heal, she met a couple of nurses and doctors who took a shining to the unusual name she had selected. They knew what the name meant to her and even got a special name tag made for the girl with the fiery name. 

    "Finally being able to take her home after that we were happy," Acosta says. 

    And to celebrate her strong little girl, the mom even threw her daughter a Game of Thrones party to celebrate her first birthday. 

    When asked if there are any similarities between the fictional queen and her daughter, Acosta is certain that she picked the right name.

    "Just like the Game of Thrones Khaleesi, my Khaleesi is a fighter," she says.

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