Calling All Moms: Kraft Is Covering the Cost of Babysitters This Mother's Day -- Really


“What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Chances are, you’ve already been asked that question and have answered “Ah, just the love of my family,” as you gazed wistfully at the faces of your cereal-smeared children. 

But what if the answer that’s really on your mind is, “Just some time away so I can finish a thought,” or “a night out with dad at somewhere they don’t serve chicken nuggets.”

Well, you’re in luck.

  • Kraft is coming to your rescue with an amazing offer. The company will pay for a babysitter -- up to $100 -- so you can have that night away from the kids. 

    (Even though you’ll be thinking about them the entire time, of course.)

    You love your kids. But you deserve a little time to yourself, too. Go out to a movie. Have dinner with your partner. Wander the aisles of Target blissfully alone and take as much time as you want in the shampoo aisle. You do you.

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  • We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Simply hire a sitter, upload your receipt to Kraft’s special promotional website, and Kraft will reimburse you up to $100. 

    As the video says, Kraft is giving you the “gift of not being needed” for a brief, blissful period of time. Of course, no one’s saying it’s not wonderful to be needed. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take a break from being needed to cook dinner. Or to fetch juice boxes and snacks. Or to put in a new video when you’ve just sat down on the toilet.

  • So this Mother’s Day, let Kraft help by giving you the gift of time away to recharge your batteries and indulge in some much-deserved you-time.

    That gift that you asked for in the first place -- the love of your family -- will be waiting for you when you get home. 

    Get all the details on Kraft’s Mother’s Day Away here.

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