Student in Critical Condition & 4 Others Injured After Wind Gust Sends Bounce House Flying


bounce house blown away in wind

Five students enjoying a fun outdoor event at a Washington high school were injured on Wednesday when a bounce house they were in became airborne in a gust of wind and flipped over.

The incident took place at Zillah High School about 2:30 p.m. as students were gathered on the football field for the event.

  • But during the festivities, a large gust of wind hit and lifted the bounce house -- with students trapped in it -- 10 to 20 feet into the air.

    Students were reportedly strapped into the inflatable structure and couldn’t escape before it was swept up. The wind carried it at least 240 feet before crashing down and violently throwing the students. It’s unknown whether it had been tethered to the ground.

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  • Video of the incident shows the aftermath as onlookers scramble to lift the inflatable off of the injured students.

    The high school released a statement voicing concerns about the incident but did not specify the injuries to the students involved.

    "Five students were involved in the incident. The nature and extent of the injuries are unknown at this time," the school shared on Twitter. "Our hearts go out to the students, parents, and staff of those involved.”  
    Zillah High School sophomore Christopher Molina witnessed the incident and told ABC affiliate KVEW that the bounce house got swept away without warning.

    "We were having a fun day; everyone was having a good time with students and out of nowhere we see the bouncy house go up pretty high in the air," Molina said. "It came down, it hit the cement and one girl got a concussion -- the other two girls broke their legs."

    City Fire Chief Paul Stonemetz said the Zillah Police Department and Fire Department treated multiple students at the scene, according to the Yakima Herald.

  • One student received CPR and shock treatment and was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition.

    The four others reportedly had injuries to their knee, ankle, ribs, and head.

    Authorities and the Zillah High School administration are looking into the situation.

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