Man 'Pranks' Sleeping Wife By Waxing Her Eyebrows & It's a Seriously Cruel Joke

Cristal Allure is panicking while feeling the wax stripper on her eyebrows.
The CAN Family/YouTube

Every now and then the Internet reminds you that maybe your relationship is pretty damn normal after all. That maybe, if all you and your partner are fighting over is who loaded the dishwasher or changed the last diaper, then you're probably doing okay. Well, folks, this is one of those stories. Because for one popular YouTuber, her husband recently played a prank so insane, some fans are urging her to get a divorce. 

Sit back and grab some popcorn -- because this is so bad, it's good.

  • It happened in a video uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago by The CAN Family -- a couple that apparently loves playing pranks on each other. 

    (Sounds like my worst nightmare, but okay.)

    The CAN Family is made up of professional boxer Niko "Baby Face" Valdes and his wife, beauty influencer Cristal Allure, according to the couple's YouTube page. They also have a baby girl together, who's prominently featured on their Instagram handles.

    Their page tells fans to "expect challenges, how-to videos, pranks, and Weekly Family Vlogs" -- and a quick scroll through their feed will give you all of the above.

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  • In the clip, Niko sneaks over to his sleeping wife, who is snoozing peacefully on the couch, and applies a massive wax stripper to her eyebrows.

    For those of you who just yelled aloud, "OHHHH NO, HE DIDN'T!" I have some unfortunate news for you: Oh yes. Yes, he did.

    Needless to say, Cristal immediately woke up after he placed it on her -- and promptly freaked out.

  • There were tears. There was panic. And there was lots of disbelief that her husband was for real -- because OMG.

    As any woman knows, your eyebrows are sacred, precious things. Over-pluck them in your youth, and you are basically screwed if you ever want to grow them out and reshape them. For some of us, they take months or even years to perfect, and once you find your favorite eyebrow lady -- who knows how to thread or wax them to perfection -- you feel like you've stumbled upon the Holy Grail. 

    In short: Eyebrows are a big deal. HUGE. And suddenly going from having ones to ... well, NOT having ones, in a matter of minutes is understandably traumatizing.

  • That's why Cristal begins having a bit of a meltdown.

    And it doesn't help when her husband starts saying some pretty tone-deaf things.

    "I love you babe and I will love you eyebrow-less," he says, at one point during the video. “With no eyebrows no other man will try to get you. I will be the only man you love.”


    His wife, however, is not amused. Especially considering her day job is a beauty blogger. She kinda needs those eyebrows!

    "You take things so far, Nick -- this is not okay," she shoots back. "How am I supposed to take this thing off? I'm going to have no eyebrows.”

  • Thankfully, Nick soon reveals that the wax strip isn't made of wax at all and that he adhered double-sided tape to it.

    Because double-sided tape isn't strong enough to fully remove a set of eyebrows, it looks like Cristal is in the clear. But that still doesn't mean she's cool with the prank. In the video, she can be seen storming off (which frankly, is understandable).

  • After posting a teaser of the prank on Snapchat, fans flocked to the YouTube video to see the prank in action.

    And let's just say, people had some thoughts.

    Some were horrified.

    "Cristal, you have to divorce him," wrote one user.

    Others said she got what she deserved, considering the earlier prank she pulled on her husband. 

    "I felt so bad for her until I saw what he was getting revenge for," wrote another user. "REAL wax strips all over his body now that is bad."

    And then there were others who weren't buying the whole thing was really a prank to begin with.

    "They pranked you guys," wrote one user. "She’s been pressing on it the entire time to keep it from falling."

    Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that these YouTube prank wars are definitely taking things a step too far. But in terms of a cruel factor, this might not be quite as bad as the couple last month, who went viral after telling their daughter they were giving away the family dog. Now, THAT'S traumatizing!