'Notre Dame' Nail Art That's Literally Burning Is Now Here, Because of Course

notre dame nail art

Watching the Notre Dame fire in Paris on April 15 evoked a lot of emotions for a lot of people. For many Catholics and French people alike, the building was as historical as it was sentimental, and  watching it burn was like watching the end of an era in real time. Although thankfully no one was injured during the fire, people ascribed a lot of gravitas to the event, and responded to the incident with a ton of creative expression. Photos and drawings flooded the internet as artists looked for an outlet to express their feelings -- and that didn't exclude the makeup and beauty world. 

  • Nail Sunny, the Russian nail salon responsible for some of the wackiest nail trends, shared this video of an acrylic Notre Dame. 

    The caption on the post simply read "Notre -Dame de Paris" with praying hands and a teary-eyed emoji. 

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  • Even though we can assume the salon did it as an homage to the historic event, many are calling the nails a "disrespectful" display. 

    People accused the nail technicians of trying to capitalize on a "devastating" event, and called them insults such as "tacky" and "insensitive." 

    Though many have expressed outright sorrow at the burning of the cathedral, many have also criticized the public's response -- calling out billionaires for donating money to restoration and ignoring other tragedies such as the Louisiana church shootings fueled by a racist gunman. 

  • There were a few comments effectively telling everyone to calm down about the nail art -- even a few saying it's a legitimate artistic expression

    It's definitely an interesting point. 

    Either way, Nail Sunny doesn't seem to be showing any signs of taking down the post any time soon, so like it or not, this exists on the Internet.