Mom Arrested for Attacking Her Son With a Bag of Pizza Rolls


A Utah mother has been arrested for allegedly kicking her 10-year-old son and attacking him with a bag of frozen pizza rolls.

Kassie Tolman, 28, is on probation for child abuse in a previous case.

  • On March 31, Tolman allegedly kicked her son multiple times in the face and threw a bag of the frozen appetizers at him.

    Arresting documents reveal that police were called to the residence on reports of child abuse, where the suspect’s son told police he had been attacked by his mother, according to ABC4.

    The child told police that while visiting his mother, she charged at him and his 6-year-old sister after becoming upset with someone she was speaking with on the phone.

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  • The child also told police he ran into his room to hide but his mother continued to push him and yell at him while he was sitting on his bed.

    The boy then feel backward and struck his head on a nearby crib.

    His mother then kicked him in the head repeatedly, he told police, and she left the room and returned with a bag of “frozen pizza rolls.” Tolman allegedly then used the bag to repeatedly strike her son in the face, according to ABC4

    Tolman called a family member to come and pick up her son, saying she couldn’t handle him. When the relative arrived, that person noticed the boy's injuries and called police.

  • The suspect’s story differed from the one her son told. 

    According to reports, during a police interview Tolman implied that her son injured himself after repeatedly banging his head on the floor after they had argued. She only admitted to slapping him on the head while he was on the floor.

    Nurses who performed a physical exam on the child, however, refuted the mother’s story, and said that all of the boy’s injuries matched up with his telling of events. The nurses added that his injuries could have been life-threatening.

  • Court documents show that Kassie Tolman was convicted of child abuse in 2017. 

    At the time, the Department of Child and Family Services issued a statement in relation to the case that returned custody of her two children to Tolman.

    "The goal is for the Division to return custody of her two youngest children to her by August 2018, pending the outcome of her sentencing on June 11," the statement from DCFS said in 2017. 

    Tolman’s jail sentence of one year was suspended and she was placed on probation in that case.

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