Mother-Daughter Duo Chase Down Burglar & Wrestle Him to the Ground

A view of Julie Rux's home after it was burglarized.
KCRA News/YouTube

A burglar in Granite Bay, California, definitely picked the wrong house this week because the owner of the home came back while he was ransacking it -- and then chased him and wrestled him with her daughter before calling the police. (Honestly, can we collectively pause now to give a slow clap for this bad*** mother-daughter duo?)

  • It all started late one evening, when Julie Rux pulled up to her home and saw her suitcases at the edge of the driveway, filled with belongings.

    She also saw a trash can in the middle of the driveway, and when she opened it up, two of her husband's rifles were inside. 

    Speaking with Fox 40 Sacramento, homeowner Julie Rux admitted that chasing the suspect probably wasn't "the smartest thing to do," considering she later learned the thief had a gun on him. (In fact, he was armed with a .38-caliber gun he had just taken from her home!) 

    Still, Rux says she honestly didn't think twice before taking off after the suspect, who was later identified as Richard Holesapple, when she found him ransacking her home.

    Rux is a horse trainer, according to the news station, which is why she says she was largely unfazed by taking the guy down.

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  • Luckily, Rux's daughter Maddie pulled up just moments later, and (apparently) is also devoid of fear.

    “My daughter jumped out of her truck and we both tackled him and rolled him,” said Rux.

    (Anyone else feel like they're reading the plot of a movie right now?!)

  • Still, although we wish this story ended with the pair wrestling Holesapple to the ground and holding him until police arrived, he actually got away.

    But not for long ... 

    You see, it seems that Holesapple wasn't the swiftest of alleged criminals, and he actually left his backpack and his ID behind at the Rux home. (Doh! Talk about a newb.)

    He also didn't stray far -- Holesapple actually stayed within Rux's neighborhood, as he sent cops on a seven-hour chase.

  • That chase eventually ended at 4 a.m., when Rux's son Jared spotted him in a neighbor's field.

    “I don’t know why he didn’t leave the area," said neighbor Paul Moresi (who echoes, I think, pretty much everyone's thoughts). "He had plenty of opportunity to leave. It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t leave because he was here for hours after the initial contact."

    But we guess it's a good thing he didn't, because that critical error was what ultimately helped cops apprehend him. Holesapple has since been booked on burglary charges and is being held on $615,000 bail, according to Fox News.

    As for the Rux's? Our guess is they're just glad they arrived home when they did (and are most likely feeling pretty incredible right now).