Southwest Flight Attendant Soothes Fussy Baby While Giving Her Preflight Spiel

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant named Jessica holds baby Brittan Blum before takeoff.
NBC 4 New York

If you've ever totally zoned out while pretending to listen to the preflight safety routine, join the club; most frequent flyers have done the same. But on a recent Southwest Airlines flight to Reno, Nevada, passengers sat glued to a flight attendant named Jessica as the preflight spiel played overhead. That's because as Jessica walked through the aisles closing the overhead bins and checking that passengers were buckled in, she was also soothing a restless baby girl named Brittan -- and the video of the adorable moment is now going viral.


The baby's mom, Savannah Blum, told NBC 4 New York that she was heading home Saturday after visiting family with her daughter in Austin, Texas. But although the 19-month-old usually sleeps like a dream on plane rides, today it seemed Brittan was not having it.

To make matters even trickier, the flight had to stop first in Vegas, where passengers were forced to change planes. For parents with small kids and babies, all that shuffling around can be a real headache. But Jessica reassured the new mom that she was going to be on the next flight with her.

Once they boarded, the kindhearted flight attendant scooped up baby Brittan, saying, "Come here, baby." Then she turned to Blum and told her, "I got her, Mama. You go sit down." 

(Um, is this not every exhausted parent's dream or what?)

It wasn't long before Blum picked up her phone and started filming the sweet moment from her seat, which shows Jessica holding a bubbly Brittan on her hip.

But here's the real reason it's been viewed thousands of times: As Jessica carries Brittan down the aisle, the little girl can be seen blowing kisses to fellow passengers along the way, which elicits more than a few awws. (How cute is that?!)

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