Trolls Slam New Mom's 'Nasty' Postpartum Body -- But She Has the Last Laugh

Kristyn Dingman poses in her underwear smiling against a dark gray backdrop.
Kristyn Dingman/Instagram

It doesn't take too much scrolling through Instagram to leave you feeling wildly insecure about a whole host of things. Not having a Joanna Gaines-inspired home. Not having endless amounts of cash to charter a private jet. And perhaps the most common Instagram-induced insecurity of all: not having the perfect postpartum body that bounces back in no time and looks fresh to death in a bikini two weeks after giving birth. Yet amid the sea of perfection-seeking influencers, there are plenty of others who give it to you straight. One such person is Kristyn Dingman of @mrsdingman.mama, whose body-positive Instagram page was just taken to new heights after she fired back at online trolls who called her body "nasty."