Grateful Teens Surprise Mom With 'Thanks for Vaccinating Us' Cake for Keeping Them Safe

teens give mom vaccine cake
Tik Tok/dadlyss

It's been heartening to see teens take their health into their own hands and speak up about their opinions as the vaccine debate rages on along with the spread of new measles cases. That is why a recent video has gone viral, after a teen from Pennsylvania made a special pit stop to buy her mom a surprise ice cream cake to thank her for making sure she had all of her vaccination shots in order. 

  • Alyssa Jackson explained that the idea came to her when she went to Dairy Queen after a recent doctor's visit. 

    Vaccination cake

    The 17-year-old explained to Buzzfeed that she and her sister had gone to pick up her vaccination records from her doctor because she's going to switch schools. The two decided to stop at Dairy Queen to have some lunch after their errand, and it was there that they came up with the brilliant idea. 

    "After eating we were gonna get ice cream but decided it wold be funny to make a TikTok (short video) of us getting that cake," Alyssa said. The two also picked up some icing so they could write a special message on their treat and dedicate the cake to their mother.

    The two wrote "THX 4 vaccinating us, Mom" on the cake and went home to give her the special gift.

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  • Immunization records in hand, the sisters went home and showed their mom their surprise.

    teens buy mom vaccination cake

    At first, Jackson's mom thought they had just brought home a typical ice cream cake. "She knows when my sister and I are together we like to be funny and do ridiculous things so the first thing she said was 'You can't smash that in my face,'" the teen recalled. 

    But then their mom saw the cake's special message and acknowledged that it was pretty funny -- and timely. 

  • Jackson posted the video onto the popular platform TikTok, where it racked up thousands and thousands of views.

    More than 77,000 people have liked the girl's video, and many people were cracking jokes of their own in the comments. 

    "It’s going viral. Like the illnesses you avoided," one person wrote. 

    "Is that cake made with essential oils?" another person joked.

    In the end, Jackson said she created the message on the cake because she's proud of the fact that she has a mom who knows how to take care of her.

    "I am happy that I'm vaccinated, because I have seen that some old-time diseases are coming back," she said. "I'm glad my mom hasn't contributed to that."

    And the teen is now advocating for other people to get their kids vaccinated -- for their own kid's health and the health of others. "Vaccinations are important because it's not only your kid. They will go to school and other kids can get sick from your child," she explained. "Your child should not have to worry about different diseases." 

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