Mom Says Girl Was Bitten at Daycare 4 Times & Staff Kept Ignoring It

River Addison

A mom from Troy, Illinois, is furious after her daughter's daycare allegedly kept her in the dark about a serious injury. Rebecca Addison told reporters that her 18-month-old daughter, River, was bitten four times at daycare but no one from the facility called to tell her what happened. Addison claims she only heard about one of the incidents through the facility's app and she feels that just wasn't enough to keep her daughter safe. "I should be notified of every incident that happens,” the furious mom said.

  • Addison said she first noticed a bite mark on her 18-month-old when she was giving River a bath.

    Addison was bathing River in January when she noticed a bright, red, mark on her arm, according to KMOV. The next day the mom met with a teacher at her toddler's daycare, Troy Early Childhood Center, and asked about how her girl had received the bruises. The teacher then allegedly admitted River had been in an altercation with another child, but claimed to not know that the girl had been bitten.

    "You could tell (it was a bite mark). There were teeth marks. It was just a circle," she explained.

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  • Unfortunately, this wasn't the last time that River was sent home with apparent bite marks on her body.

    The mom said that after the initial incident, River returned home with new marks on multiple occasions. "She got bit for the first time, and that's just when it started spiraling," the mom said. In total there were four incidences where River had been bitten, but she says the daycare only notified her once, via an app staff uses to communicate with parents.

    “I guess River had taken a pacifier out of a friend’s mouth and got bit and in that case, they said they gave her tender loving care and put ice on it,” the mom said. But that solution wasn't enough. 

  • The problem was out of hand, according to the mom. And when River came home with a mark on her face, Addison knew she needed to take action. 

    Addison said she had previously met with staff at the daycare who told her they were working on a solution to keep her daughter safe. But when she came home with a red mark on her cheek Monday, Addison was seriously ticked. 

    "I am paying them to watch her but it's just such so aggravating,” she said. 

    The daycare center is denying any wrongdoing in this case and in a statement to KMOV, they said that they "recently became aware" of the biting incidents at their facility and that they pride themselves on "providing a clean, safe and healthy learning environment for all of our children."

    "To meet that end, we ensure that each classroom is staffed by licensed teachers who are dedicated to the well-being of their students. Our teachers are educated on what procedures to follow whenever a bite injury is reported to our staff, including documenting and reporting the incident, providing any necessary medical care, and shadowing any students that have a history of biting.
    In our review of the allegations, none of the students alleged to be involved notified any staff member of any incident or injury. Further, DCFS recently conducted its periodic review of our center and found no violations or issues with our operations. We will continue investigating this matter further, but at this time, the Troy Early Childhood Center denies any wrongdoing."
    The state of Illinois has also gotten involved in River's case and told reporters that it is "investigating the allegations and will take corrective action as indicated upon the completion of the licensing investigation."

    "During the course of the investigation, DCFS will insure the facility takes appropriate steps to increase supervision and provide additional staff for better monitoring of the biter(s)."

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