Teen Defies Anti-Vax Parents & Shows Little Sisters Photos of Kids Dying from the Measles


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As more cases of the measles continue to break out across the United States, it only makes sense there is real fear out there for young children who could be exposed -- especially if they aren't vaccinated. That is why one 17-year-old is seriously scared for his little sisters who have yet to get their shots as a consequence of their anti-vax mom. Now that there's a measles outbreak only four hours away, he's especially frightened and decided to take it upon himself to convince his sisters that they need to urge their mom to let them get vaccinated. Some people online, however, are worried he's only causing bigger problems.

  • Even though his grandfather has come to reason about vaccines, the teen wrote that he can't get his mom to get onboard.

    As he explained in his Reddit post, both of his parents don't believe in vaccinations. In certain provinces of Canada, where they live, vaccines aren't mandatory so his younger sisters won't be able to make their own medical decisions until they're 15. 

    The issue is something that has been divisive in his family for some time, with everyone having their own reasons why they do or don't believe the girls should get vaccinated. But according to the teen, a nearby measles outbreak has caused him to take action ASAP. "About four hours away from my house, there is a measles outbreak. This scares the (expletive) out of me because one of my little sisters is immunocompromised," he wrote.

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  • That is why the teen decided to go to his sisters himself and show them pictures of a child with measles -- which his mom did NOT like.

    "I showed them a picture of a child with measles and said 'this kid might die' and 'mom could vaccinate you and protect you but we have to convince her,'" the teen wrote. But unfortunately, his sisters ultimately trust whatever their mom has told them."

    One of his sister is only 9 years old, and of course she ultimately trusts whatever her mom has told her. "She's already convinced them that vaccines are bad," the original poster wrote. "She's already convinced them that vaccines are bad. I will break that, trust me. They told her and my mom is now furious and told me.

    Mom says that her teen can decide how to parent when and only when he has a child and until that to stay out of her decision not to vaccinate her children. "She also told me that it wasn't fair to 'harass' such a young, immature age group," he wrote. "I'm naturally very argumentative, so I responded quickly and told her 'I tried to 'harass' you about it but I guess you're too immature.'"

    Although he doesn't regret trying to fight for his sisters' safety, he's now wondering if showing them the pictures was the best move, especially because they they are so young.

  • Online there was a clear divide. But many people thought the teen was just doing whatever it took to get the job done and applauded him for it.

    These people reasoned that if his mom won't listen to common sense then the teen needs to go around her to get his sisters the preventative care that they need. And by showing his sisters the photo, he is hopefully revealing to them that there are consequences of not being vaccinated.

  • One person commented that the 9-year-old sister "NEEDS" to be scared so that she truly understands the risk.

    And another person commented that "while it may be seen as really harsh to show your sister those pictures, it was kind of a necessary evil. I mean, it may not have worked for now, but if it ends up getting your sister vaccinated I think it’s absolutely worth it."

    Someone else added in that "extreme situations call for extreme measures."

  • But some people disagreed. They felt like the teen had only frightened his younger sisters to bits.

    A graphic photo is too much for a 9-year-old to handle, they wrote. Instead, the teenager needs to try a different method to get results.

  • One person commented that the only thing the teen did was scare his sister and "upset his family."

    And another person agreed. "Your parents are potentially harming your sister physically, but you're potentially harming her psychologically," the commenter wrote. "You basically told her 'You might die soon, and the only way to prevent it is to go against your loved ones.'"

    Someone else also took issue with the boy's methods. "(Your) mom's a buffoon for not vaccinating an immunocompromised child when there's news of an outbreak nearby, but you're just as bad for terrifying a child with those kinds of pictures. Next time don't get pictures involved that could scar a child," the person wrote.

  • In the end, the boy agreed that perhaps he had gone too far in the way he tried to convince his sister, but he's still not going to give up.

    "My mom and I argue all the time about this, I shouldn't have brought them into the crossfire," he admitted. "But my mom started by calling my brother and I (expletives). It doesn't justify it, but (expletive) escalated and this isn't the first time we've argued and nothing else has worked."

    But he did vow to never give up the fight for his sisters' well-being. "I will try what you said and if that doesn't work, I'll just have to try my hardest to educate my little sisters in a much kinder way and hopefully they'll see the truth," he promised.

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