Mom Drags Screaming 5-Year-Old by the Hair in a Hospital & Nobody Stops Her


mom drags child by the hair video

Police in Aurora, Illinois, are investigating a possible child abuse case after a mother was caught on video dragging her child by the hair down a hospital hallway. The cops were called to Rush Copley Medical Center on Monday, but despite the disturbing footage, no charges have been filed.

  • The video shows a woman yanking a 5-year-old boy's hair and dragging him across the floor as he kicks and screams.

    Eventually, she lets go of his hair and grabs the hood of his jacket. She can be heard telling him to stand in the corner, but it's difficult to make out anything else she said because the boy is crying loudly. According to the Daily Mail, witnesses said the boy had been play-fighting with his younger brother before the dragging incident took place. The video was briefly posted on social media but was later taken down.

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  • In a post on Facebook, police confirmed that they were called to investigate but said no charges were filed against the mom.

    The Aurora Police Department stated that officers were called to the hospital at 4:40 p.m. Monday after a witness recorded the mom's actions. The department also shared that the dragging victim and his 2-year-old brother have been placed in the care of relatives while police conduct their investigation. The names of the mom and children have not been released.

  • Many were glad to see that police are investigating, but they wondered why so many people in the video failed to step in and help the child.

  • Others said they're just glad the kids are safe, no matter how the situation went down.

    It's impossible to know what really happened from a 30-second video, but hopefully police are able to get to the bottom of this incident and do whatever is best for the children involved.