Daughter's Decision to Defy Anti-Vax Parents & Get Vaccinated Sparks Heated Debate


If parents make the important decision not to vaccinate their kids, it's pretty much a done deal, right? Well, not exactly. Just ask one young adult who decided to take her health into her own hands long after her parents chose to keep her away from vaccines. Now an adult, Reddit user ToddmanHorseboy proudly shared her brand spankin' new vaccination records online and explained exactly why she chose to get vaccinated after a lifetime of being raised by staunch anti-vaxxers.

  • The newly vaccinated woman shared her immunization records on Reddit, proudly showing off how she took control of her body and finally got her shots.

    In a post that has more than 5,600 comments online, Redditor ToddmanHorseboy shared a snap of her new medical paperwork, which shows that she's recently been vaccinated for multiple diseases. 

    "My parents denied me vaccinations as a child," she explained above the photo that was posted January 3. "Today, I was finally able to take my health into my own hands!"

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  • Online people were absolutely psyched for ToddmanHorseboy and welcomed her to the club.

    According to her records, this woman was busy, getting vaccines for chickenpox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), and human papillomavirus (HPV). 

  • Many comments flooded in cheering her on and sending well wishes.

  • "Welcome to herd immunity," one person told her.

    Herd immunity is the idea that the more people who get vaccinated the less chances there are for deadly diseases to spread. This even protects those who cannot get vaccinated or have yet to be vaccinated because a lower number of infected people makes it less likely that they'll come into contact with disease. According to Vacines.gov, this also means that "the disease becomes rare -- and sometimes, it’s wiped out altogether." Which is an outcome that has happened throughout history, most notably with polio.

    So by getting her vaccinations not only was ToddmanHorseboy protecting herself, she was also saving others from getting seriously sick.

  • And many, many people thanked ToddmanHorseboy for being a responsible human.

  • But of course, not everyone agreed with her decision -- aka, the anti-vaxxers. 

  • Many were placing blame on "Big Pharma" for her decision or being behind the post. 

  • At this point, we're beginning to notice a pattern ....

    In a followup "Ask Me Anything" post, ToddmanHorseboy, who is in her 20s, explained that growing up her parents had heard the now widely debunked rumor that vaccines cause autism and held religious beliefs that discouraged them from vaccinating. 

    It was only when she got to college and had roommates that ToddmanHorseboy discovered that not being vaccinating wasn't just a weird familial quirk, it was a big risk. "The first time I had roommates," she wrote, "I mentioned it in passing that I wasn't vaccinated and got a HUGE speech on how that wasn't okay and how I should look into getting vaccinated." And like many of us do when we're away from home for the first time, ToddmanHorseboy then started to thinking more about the reasons why her parents didn't vaccinate her. She was "questioning that my parents are 'sometimes wrong about other things, so maybe they are wrong about this?'" 

    The woman then chose to do a little research of her own, but admitted that it's only now in her mid-20s and looking to start a family that she decided to really get serious about getting her shots. "I don't want the kids or myself to be compromised by carrying any diseases," she explained. "This is something I have wanted to do since I realized how abnormal/unhealthy/unsafe it was, but I was afraid because of my allergies developing so rapidly as a young adult. Starting a family was the last push to get me to do it."

  • In the end, ToddmanHorseboy said she told her mom about her decision to get vaccinated and it went better than expected.

    She explained that she and her mom are very close and that her mom "realizes she can't change my mind, and fighting it will only cause distance between us."

    Her mom did end up asking ToddmanHorseboy some questions about her shots and if she was experiencing any side effects. Which just goes to show you, that even if these two don't agree about vaccinations, her mom obviously still cares.