Police Search for Missing Colorado Mom on Fiancé's Property, Say They're 'Considering Every Possibility'

kelsey berreth

Since Kelsey Berreth's disappearance, police have said they're treating it solely as a missing person's case and that her fiancé, Patrick Frazee, is not considered a suspect. But starting on Friday, a team of investigators conducted an extensive search of Frazee's home and property that even included using a backhoe to dig in the land around his house in order to be "as thorough as possible."

  • Frazee was not asked to voluntarily participate in the search, said his attorney, Jeremy Loew, in a statement obtained by The Denver Post.

    In a press conference, Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said police searched Frazee's house, as well as dug in the land around the home. According to The Denver Post, Frazee lives on a 35-acre ranch in the Crystal Peaks Ranches subdivision in Teller County, Colorado. The property has a 2,862-square-foot home and a 1,300-square-foot barn.

    De Young explained that there is no news regarding the details of the search because the search warrant has been sealed. In response to whether Frazee is now considered a suspect, he said, "At this point, we are considering every possibility, but I'm not ready to jump to conclusions or label people involved in this highly complex investigation."

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  • Perhaps one of the most interesting things to come out of De Young's press conference is the claim that Frazee has not yet been interviewed by police.

    On December 12, Loew released a statement claiming that Frazee had participated in multiple police interviews and voluntarily handed over his cell phone. But according to The Denver Post, De Young said that Frazee has only communicated with police through his attorney. During the press conference, De Young said, "We are asking Patrick to sit down with investigators, since he is the last person to talk with Kelsey face to face based on our investigation."

    It has been reported that Berreth was last seen in public November 23 at a Safeway grocery store with her 1-year-old daughter and met with Frazee later in the day to exchange custody of their child. The couple are engaged and share responsibility for their 1-year-old daughter, but they were not yet living together at the time of Berreth's disappearance.

  • Berreth is believed to have gone missing on Thanksgiving Day, though her phone was still sending text messages on November 25.

    That day, a text reportedly went to her employer saying she would not be at work the following week. A text also went to Frazee, though its contents have not been released. Strangely, cell phone data shows that Berreth's cell phone may have been in Gooding, Idaho, more than 800 miles away from her home, when those messages were sent. Berreth was finally reported missing on December 2, about 10 days after the last sighting, by her mother.

  • Police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the location or safe return of Kelsey Berreth.

    “Kelsey, we just want you home,” her mother, Cheryl Berreth, said at a press conference December 10. “Call us if you can. We won’t quit looking.”