Mom Disinvites Girl's Unvaccinated Friend From Her Birthday Party & Has Zero Regrets



All moms and dads are entitled to their own opinion when it comes to doing what they believe is right for their kids. But some parenting choices have consequences that they have to be prepared to handle. In a thread on Reddit, user Dankmoms shared what happened when she disinvited a kid from her daughter's birthday party because she found out that the child wasn't vaccinated -- and the other mom didn't take it well. The issue wasn't about their differences in beliefs; it was actually a stance that Dankmoms took to protect another kiddo they'd invited who was immunocompromised. Of course, the anti-vax mom didn't appreciate the change, but the story of their epic feud might just show parents who really is at risk if they choose not to vaccinate.

  • According the anonymous mom, the drama started after she already had sent out invites to her daughter's birthday party.

    In response to a thread on Reddit about "the worst experiences with anti-vaxxers," Dankmoms shared in that as soon as she learned the girl wasn't vaccinated she knew she needed to take action. 

    "My daughter's best friend is in remission from leukemia and is immunocompromised," she explained. "An unvaxxed kid could kill her."

    Dankmoms made the decision to uninvite the other girl from her daughter's birthday party as a protective measure, and this started a whole sh*tstorm between the two moms. 

    "I felt bad for the kid but her mother is a sociopath," Dankmoms explained. "Herd immunity saves lives when it comes to kids fighting cancer."

    According to the Vaccine Knowledge Project, people who are immunocompromised (including people with cancer and those in remission) heavily depend on the herd immunity to protect them from getting sick. 

    Herd immunity is the idea that if enough people are vaccinated, it is difficult for life-threatening diseases, such as mumps, measles, or rubella, to spread.

    That is exactly why Dankmoms didn't want to put her daughter's friend at risk for catching something that could make her seriously sick or could even be fatal.

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  • Online, people applauded Dankmoms for standing strong in her beliefs.

  • "You're basically a hero," one person told her.

  • Her actions particularly touched other people who were also immunocompromised.

  • And others agreed that not vaccinating is just "selfish and irresponsible." 

  • It might seem easy, but it takes a lot of courage to stand up for others. Which is why Dankmoms deserves ALL of the accolades.