Woman Breaks Down Why Moms Should Never Work & No, She's Not Kidding

why moms shouldn't work
The Transformed Wife/Facebook

In 2018, it's more common than ever for women to be working moms. Seven in 10 moms are a part of the US labor force, and moms are the primary breadwinners in four out of every 10 households, according to the Pew Research Center. But, to at least one prominent blogger, all of us working moms aren't busting our butts and making things happen. Instead, we're neglecting our children and possibly going to hell.

  • The woman behind the popular Facebook page The Transformed Wife posted a photo comparing working moms to those who stay home.

    As you can see, working moms are supposedly exhausted fast food eaters who never want to have sex or spend time with their children.

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  • Meanwhile, SAHMs get plenty of rest, always put out, and are entirely fulfilled by caring for their angelic children.

    "Her husband and children rise up and call her blessed," the post says. She's not falling apart like those gross ladies who have to go to work. Blegh! (Note the sarcasm, please.)

  • The post got furious responses from moms on all sides.

    why moms shouldn't work
  • why moms shouldn't work
  • why moms shouldn't work
  • why moms shouldn't work
  • Others wondered where in the h*ll single moms fit into this equation.

    why moms shouldn't work
  • And many wondered if this lady has ever actually met a stay-at-home parent

    moms should never work
  • Rest when the children nap? Really??

    why moms shouldn't work

    As someone who has been both a stay-at-home mom and a working mom, I can assure people that neither kind of woman is 100 percent happy, 100 percent fulfilled, or getting any kind of "rest."

  • But others were actually like, oh yes, thank you, working moms are ruining the world.

    moms should never work post
  • All you need to know about that opinion is that it's garbage.

    Not only are working mothers not inferior but they also do all the same things stay-at-home parents do and work a full-time job, and that is not easy. This graphic also does a disservice to stay-at-home parents. It paints stay-at-home parenthood as some kind of June Cleaver fantasy, where the house is always clean, the mother is beautiful and rested, and there is never a moment where she longs for some help or peace and quiet.

    The truth is, both of these stereotypes are wildly inaccurate. Being a mom is difficult, and there isn't a single one of us who feels 100 percent calm, fulfilled, organized, and "together." Motherhood is not a competition, and I think it'd be easier for all us if we'd stop acting like it is.