Toddler Wants to Bathe With His Stepdad & It Gets Complicated



It's always the hope for blended families that the stepparent and stepchild will be able to build a special bond and close relationship. But sometimes there are boundaries that just can't be crossed because he or she isn't the biological parent. Well, one stepdad on the Internet is trying to navigate this after finding himself in a co-parenting dilemma. When his 3-year-old stepson saw him in the tub, the little one wanted to jump in to play -- because why wouldn't he? He does it all the time with his mommy. At the time, the stepdad had to let the little guy down easy, thinking it was inappropriate for the two of them to have a little tub time together, but now he's reconsidering his position. Would it really be so bad for a stepdad to take a bath with another man's toddler?

  • Not sure what to do the next time his stepson asks to play in the tub, the stepdad took to Reddit to get some opinions. 

    In the thread posted onto the r/Parenting subreddit, user Sullie1986 wrote that he's basically been raising his stepson for the boy's entire life. "His biological dad doesn't bother with him and me and my stepson have a good relationship," he explained. 

    Stepdad and mom have been together for two years and she doesn't have any problems with it. "And I'm not really bothered as he will just sit one end and play with his toys," he wrote.

    But still, the boy isn't his and he seems reasonably worried that his stepson might say something in nursery school and get them in trouble. 

    "I was wondering how other people have handled this situation and what people feel about it?" he asked.

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  • Some people felt like there definitely needed to be considerations if Sullie1986 was going to take a tub with his stepson.

  • Some feel that children 3 years old, in general, are too old for parents to bathe with, period.

  • Others don't feel like it was wrong per say, but the concerns are valid.

  • Others think it should be left for mom to deal with, either way.

  • But others told the dad to enjoy his d*mn tub time with the little one in peace.

  • And one pointed out that sometimes to get a kid to take a bath, you've just gotta get in there with them.

  • Also, since he's a "parental figure" in the boy's life, it's no different than being a biological father, some argued.

  • But to add a different perspective, someone who has a special relationship with his stepdad spoke up with an important point.

    Of course, his own stepfather had boundaries that he didn't want to cross either, but if the bond is strong, this person urges Sullie1986 to "do it and savor every second!"

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