Parent's Hefty List of Babysitter Requirements Is So Over-the-Top, It's Comical

Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

When hiring a babysitter, parents typically want someone who is smart, capable, and good with kids. But for one mom, she wants top quality service, but is not willing to pay for it. The mom in question sparked a heated conversation online after she posted an ad looking for a sitter with some hefty demands, including an advanced degree, around-the-clock availability, specific political preferences, and oh yeah, the pay is about $10 an hour. Of course, a screen shot of the ad was posted to Reddit, where people had a field day over this mom's list of 14 qualifications.

  • One person on Reddit took a screen shot of the *particular* ad and posted it online.

    On the Reddit thread in the r/ChoosingBeggers subreddit, user Protoss12345 shared a screenshot of the mom's ad on Facebook and called her submission "Delusional Babysitter Requirements." Of course, people were incensed by the requirements that the person had made. A BA in child care? Full-time availability? The parent was only willing to pay for SOME of kiddos' snacks. This list is ballsy... 

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  • Apparently, we aren't the only ones with questions because many (MANY) people wrote in demanding to know exactly what this woman could be thinking.

  • Some people were salty that the mom wanted the *perfect* sitter, but seemed to not be concerned with breaking the law herself.

  • And others called her out on what she was willing to pay.

  • This person is asking the important questions: who exactly is paying for snacks?

  • And this person threw enough shade to block the sun.

  • But not everyone believed that someone could be this delusional. There were a few dissenting voices who thought the post was fake.

  • But despite how crazy it sounds, a few nannies spoke out and said that this is really what people look for when searching for a child care provider.

  • But one person makes the most salient point about this whole mess.

  • Remember: serious inquiries ONLY.