There's an Affordable Toy Vacuum for Kids That Actually Cleans & Parents Are Obsessed

dyson ball vacuum for kids

Imaginative play is great for developing young minds, but what if kids could use their imagination and clean up at the same time? That's the sweet dream that Dyson has finally made a reality with this toy vacuum for kids that actually works! Needless to say, parents are clamoring to add it to their gift giving lists.

  • "Take your little one's role playing to a new level," the description on Amazon reads.

    And that's exactly what it does. The Dyson Ball Vacuum has working suction that is strong enough to pick up things such as small pieces of paper or polystyrene balls. It's definitely not as strong as the adult version of the vacuum because that would be dangerous. But it does enough to let kids at least pick up something, and that's good enough for us.

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  • The best part? It doesn't come with a Dyson-sized price tag.

    The Dyson Ball Vacuum for kids only costs from $42-$49, depending on the color. 

  • It's a miracle!

  • Parents can't wait to buy one for their own vacuum-loving children.

  • But others said, be warned: It doesn't work anywhere near as well as the real deal.

  • Some parents are just sad their kids might get a Dyson vacuum before they do.

  • And a few parents even recommended real, working vacuums that kids can play with too.

    Whether you go for the Dyson or not, toymakers should take note. Anything that gets kids actually cleaning up messes instead of making them will be a hit with parents!