Stranger Shames Bottle-Feeding Mom for 'Damaging' Her Baby's Brain



A mom on the Internet is seeing red after an elderly lady tried to call her out in public for bottle-feeding her baby boy. Obviously, it's none of her business how mama chooses to feed her baby, but of course the older woman said exactly the wrong thing. Now, this outraged mom is venting her feelings -- but not everyone is on her side.

  • The drama started when the mama was having a casual chat with an "elderly woman" sitting next to her. Next thing she knows, BOOM she's mommy-shamed.

    Writing in to the parenting forum Mumsnet, user Crushedstrawberries explained that she was sitting on a bench feeding her son when a woman approached. 

    "We were having polite chit chat, how old your baby is ... yada yada ..." the mom wrote. "She just blurted out something along the lines of, 'If you bottle feed him, it'll damage his brain and he won't achieve anything in his life.' I didn't know what to say to this lady. I just nodded in stunned silence." 

    But this comment stuck with her and she just couldn't let the slight go. "It's been circling in my head since this morning," she confessed.

    Any mom would be upset by someone questioning her parenting choices, but this was even more personal because the stranger didn't know Crushedstrawberries' struggle to breastfeed.

    "My [dear son] has issues with latching onto my breast, making breastfeeding nearly impossible. I have instead been expressing breast milk and giving that to him in a bottle," she wrote. "Has anyone else been mom-shamed for something completely absurd?"

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  • Some moms agreed with Crushedstrawberries: Get mad and stay mad.

  • "You are doing a great job, don't listen to any random stranger who tells you otherwise," wrote one supportive person. 

  • And we can practically see this person's eyes rolling. "It's no one else's business" the user wrote.

  • Whereas other parents thought that Crushedstrawberries shouldn't let the snub bother her.

  • "You need to learn to shrug it off," one woman advised.

  • "Pay it no heed," another added.

  • And another person really went there by arguing that Crushedstrawberries was only upset because she *wished* she was breastfeeding.

    This answer might be a reach (and is for sure rude) and it's important to remember that all people make parenting decisions on what works for them and their family.

    And in the end, it really isn't about breast vs bottle-feedin: It's about how Crushedstrawberries was belittled for her decision.

    "I feel like I'm trying to do my best like all moms are but whatever I do, I'm doing something horrendously wrong in someone's eyes," Crushedstrawberries explained. "I'm just going to have to grow a thicker skin."

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