Mom Stabbed With a Broken Coffee Mug During Bus Stop Brawl

mom stabbed in bus stop fight
North Port Police/Facebook

Weekday mornings are stressful for most parents, but things got a little out of control at a Sarasota County, Florida, bus stop earlier this week. Two moms both ended up in the hospital with serious injuries after they reportedly hit and stabbed each other with pieces of a broken coffee mug -- all while other horrified parents and children looked on.

  • Tiffani Cruz told ABC Action News she smashed a coffee mug over another mom's head "self-defense over an incident that made no sense."

    The fight broke out on Tuesday, November 6. Cruz said this isn't the first time she and the other mom, whose name has not been released by police, have had issues. Two weeks ago, she says she confronted the mom for yelling at another kid at the bus stop. This time, she explained they were having a parenting conflict when things quickly escalated.

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  • Cruz claimed the other mom tried to punch her and that's when she hit her with the coffee mug.

    The other woman then allegedly came at Cruz with shards of the broken mug. “I put my arm up like this and I went to run and that’s when she picked up the glass, ran at me and stabbed me twice in my arm, once at my wrist and in back of my shoulder," Cruz said.

    Cruz and the other mom were both taken to the hospital with cuts, but the other woman reportedly had to be airlifted due a severe wound to her throat.

  • Ethan Cruz, a kid who witnessed the fight but is not related to Tiffani Cruz, told ABC Action News his "heart was racing."

    He said he was sitting in the back of the bus with his brother, Bairon Velazquez, and they saw the women brawling through the bus window. "There was blood coming down her face," he said of the unnamed mom who allegedly fought with Cruz.

    Sarasota County Schools is reportedly offering guidance counseling to the "several dozen elementary-aged students" who witnessed the fight.

  • News of the fight did not go over well on social media, where many called the moms out for setting a terrible example for kids.

  • You'd be hard-pressed to find any mom who hasn't been sick of other parents' bullsh*t at some point, but physical violence? In front of a bus full of kids? It sounds like these two were dealing with some issues way above and beyond typical mom-shaming. Hopefully they're able to work it out and the poor kids who witnessed this brawl can feel safe at their bus stop again.