There's a 'Baby Shark' Ab Challenge, Because Apparently the Song Isn't Punishment Enough

baby shark ab challenge

A few months ago, the "/Baby Shark Song" lodged itself in the brains of parents everywhere and refused to leave, ever. The song became an Internet sensation and even inspired its own dance challenge. Now, the tune apparently has wormed (swum?) its way into the fitness world, too. A Baby Shark Ab Challenge is going viral on Facebook, leaving many to wonder:

 What the f*ck did we ever do to you, Baby Shark?

  • The ab challenge was shared by UNILAD Fitness and looks remarkably like a plot to give us all hernias.

    It was originally created by Stacie Ridley, a trampoline and gymnastics coach whose gymnastics students are featured in the video.

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  • There are scissor kicks involved.

  • And whatever the hell kind of torture this is.

  • And leg pull-ins.

  • The workout generated a ton of conversation, particularly from parents who quickly realized this song is going to be the death of them.

    baby shark ab workout
  • baby shark challenge
  • There's a reason the video features kids, and that's because most parents would cramp up immediately and keel over.

    baby shark ab challenge
  • Some people actually tried it and said they didn't get very far.

    baby shark abs challenge
  • Others just wanted to know why this d*mn song won't go away!

    baby shark ab challenge
  • baby shark ab challenge

    Even though it's been around for three years, "Baby Shark" is arguably the song of 2018. It is everywhere. Parents can't stop singing it. Resistance is futile. But if they can't beat it, at least parents now have a sweet ab workout to squeeze in while their kids are singing -- that is, if they don't pass out first.