Dammit, Alexa, This Toddler Just Wants You to Play 'Baby Shark'


It seems even Alexa is tired of hearing the "Baby Shark" song, folks. A 2-year-old in Wisconsin was filmed by her mom trying to get the Amazon voice assistant to play her jam, only to get frustrated each time it didn't understand her request.

  • Mom Cryssy Turner said her daughter was already trying so hard to get Alexa to play the song for at least five minutes before she started filming.

    The viral video posted on Facebook last week already has 11 million views.

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  • At the start of the video, Alexa thinks the toddler asked for a "baby chair" and tries to explain that it's exclusively available on Amazon Prime.

    Before the device can finish its sentence, however, the toddler cuts Alexa off.

    "Alexa, play 'Baby Shark,'" she repeats with sad frustration in her voice. "Alexa, play 'Baby Shark.'"

    Alexa starts to play "Sure, Baby ... Hold Back" by Say Anything. But right after the first chords hit, the toddler knows it's the wrong song and yells, "ALEXA! ALEXA! Play 'Baby Shark.'

  • Alexa then plays a sample of the Johnny Only version, which is not what the little girl was waiting for.

    Turner steps in and clearly commands Alexa to play "Baby Shark." (Persistence pays off, girl.)

    When Alexa finally gets it right and the hit version by Pinkfong comes on, the toddler's entire body language changes. You have to see her facial expression as she turns to her mom and lets out a shriek. She starts to feel the beat with her knees, sways her hips, then breaks out with some solid shark dance moves.

    Pinkfong's popular song and dance has been watched more than 1.8 billion (with a "B") times on YouTube, and we have a feeling it's mostly thanks to toddlers around the world demanding replays.

  • The video of Turner's daughter is so heartwarming, we won't blame you for rewatching it a hundred times. 

    Just don't play it around your toddler, or you'll be listening to "Baby Shark" for the rest of the day: "Mommy Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo."

    This post originally appeared on our sister site Mom.me and was republished with permission.