Woman Creates 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes for Real Moms & They're Hysterical

Stephanie Horman

We've all seen the ridiculous "sexy" costumes that they market toward women for Halloween. You can be a sexy firefighter, a sexy SpongeBob SquarePants, or even a sexy Handmaid -- which are exactly the kinds of costume you want to wear while chasing your kids down the street as they beg for candy, right? These costumes are not only totally nuts but they also reinforce outdated beliefs that are downright sexist. That's why we'll raise several prayer hand emojis to Stephanie Horman, who decided to make fun of the traditional sexy costumes for women and put a "mom-ish" spin on Halloween. In a new series of photos, the mom and blogger has dubbed "'Sexy' Mom Costumes," Stephanie shares a hilarious take on "traditional" options.

  • Stephanie was first inspired after walking down the Halloween costume aisle and realizing there was something very wrong.

    Stephanie, who runs the blog Modern Day Wonderland, spoke with CafeMom and explains that her "inspiration came from walking down the aisles and aisles of Halloween costumes where every one of them for women was 'sexy.'" 

    As we've pointed out out in the past, sexy costumes for women have run the gamut from sexy witches and sexy pirates to sexy pizza and a sexy Donald Trump. At this point, it seems like every year they need to make the next craziest and most outlandish sexy costumes. That is the secret behind Stephanie's brilliant photo series.

    "I thought it would be fun to put a twist on the traditional sense of 'sexy' when it comes to mom life," she says. The mom took to her Instagram account to share the series where she took the everyday things that moms do every. damn. day and put a "sexy" twist on it.

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  • The Damsel of Dishes

    Stephanie tells us that she started her blog a few years ago after having her first child. At first she had tried to make the focus on her project crafts and DIYs. "Then I realized I'm not a great cook and most crafts turn into fails," she says.

  • The Seductive Seamstress

    Which is why she started to transform her blog into something a little different. "I've slowly evolved my site and feed into something where moms and dads can go to get a few laughs and hopefully feel like they aren't alone in this crazy journey of parenthood," she says.

  • Fifty Shades of Mysterious Stains

    "Laundry just got a whole lot sexier with this outfit," Stephanie joked in the caption. 

    "Mysterious stains on those shirts of yours? Excellent, now you've brought your own party game. Poop or mustard? Either way, everyones a winner with this one."

  • The Pouty Plumber

    And unsurprisingly, the photos have been a hit online. Each post has received hundreds of likes, and Stephanie tells us that she's had feedback from both moms and dads. "Not only do they enjoy the series, but they find it so relatable," she explains.

  • The Green Thumbed Goddess

    Stephanie dubbed this costume "The Green Thumbed Goddess" and joked that "Last summer's neglected plant, and one of those tiny little dirt shovels is all you need for this simple yet stunning costume."

    So if you're still looking for the perfect Halloween costume, maybe take a page out of Stephanie's book this year! 

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