School Asks 5th Graders to Detail Their Sexual History & People Are P*ssed

survey asks fifth graders about sexuality

Sex education is necessary part of school curriculum as kids get older, but occasionally schools broach the topic in ways that leave parents wondering if they've crossed the line. A Windsor, Vermont, mom is furious after her 10-year-old daughter was given a survey at school that asked invasive questions about her sexuality and dating history.

  • Vanessa Beach wrote on Facebook that her daughter, Zoe, brought the survey home to share with her.

    "I don’t think sexuality is a dirty thing, don’t get me wrong. And by that I mean ANY sexuality. I am pro do you 100%," Beach wrote. "That being said I am honestly a little taken back that the schools thinks it’s ok to ask my child about her and her peer's sexuality at the age of ten."

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  • The survey included questions about how kids gender identify and whether or not they'd had any sexual partners.

    According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the survey was administered by Wise, a group that educates and advocates against gender-based violence. The group reportedly sent home a slip for students to opt out of the survey, which Beach says she never received. Because she didn't fill out the slip, her lack of response was considered "passive consent" for her daughter to take the survey, Jane Stapleton, codirector of the Preventions Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, told Yahoo Lifestyle.

  • Beach wasn't the only one disturbed by the survey -- some teachers and even the principal and superintendent were taken aback.

    Beach told Yahoo Lifestyle the Windsor Schools superintendent contacted her saying that he had never approved the survey, nor had the principal, and he was "enraged" over the matter. "Someone dropped the ball," said Beach.

  • Parents who commented on Beach's post shared in her outrage.

    survey asks fifth graders about sexuality
  • survey asks fifth graders about sexuality
  • survey asks fifth graders about sexuality
  • One mom wrote that even for parents who discuss sexuality openly, this survey was invasive and inappropriate.

    survey asks fifth graders about sexuality

    Stapleton, who worked on developing the survey, said its only aim is to prevent gender-based violence. “What we know works in prevention is multiple-session programs that are age- and developmentally appropriate,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “This was not a survey we threw together. It was at least eight months in development.”

    In a comment on her original post, Beach wrote that the superintendent assured her the survey would not be passed out again.