I'm Calling it: Moms Aren't Really As Tired As We Say We Are


I may be ousted from the Moms Club because of this one, and if they don’t kick me out, well then surely my girlfriends will ostracize me from our inner circle.


Well, because I am about to drop a #truthbomb that is going to lead to so much grief.

Here we go:

Moms really aren’t that tired.

  • Don’t get me wrong. Sure, we are tired; we are really flippin' tired. 

    We are fudging' exhausted; however, we are not always as tired as we make ourselves out to be.

    Yes, I have children that wake up throughout the night; but, most of the time, a quick sip of milk or a transfer to my bed will suffice.

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  • Yes, I co-sleep.

    Sometimes with one, two, or all three; but, I actually enjoy co-sleeping and often, those precious snuggles help me sleep better.

    Yes, I have to wake up exceptionally early if I want to have any chance of not looking like a zombie; but, as it turns out, I prefer waking up with the roosters. I find peace in prepping for my day in advance of tired children and a husband who hates mornings. My early morning hour is often one of the most productive hours of my day.

  • Yes, it is tasking to get three children adequately fed, dressed, and out of the house all before 7:30 a.m. 

    But, I have done a pretty good job of raising self-sufficient children, so the prompting they require from me is pretty minimal.

  • Yes, making sure all three children arrive at school on time and each have a sufficient and happy “good-bye” is anxiety-provoking.

    But, it sure makes me feel like super-woman once accomplished, and who doesn’t love to feel like that?

  • Yes, I struggle with doing #allthethings during the 3.5 hours to myself before half-day pickup time.

    But, most days, I can find some semblance of a balance between work, caring for the house, meal prep and self-care.

    Yes, it is rough ensuring I’m meeting the quantity and quality time needed for my 4-year-old while also making sure I tend to the fundamental needs of my 2-year-old; but, how truly blessed I am to have three selfless, well-mannered children, who for the most part are understanding of mom’s need to divide her attention.

    Yes, it is a struggle for me to manage a clingy toddler with a preschooler who tends to throw tantrums every single time we pick up his older sister from school; but, how boring would afternoon pickup be if at least one of us didn’t lose our shiitake. Quite uneventful, I think, and us mommas, well, we aren’t made for standing around while everything goes according to plan.

  • Yes, finding, enrolling, and funding activities for all three of my children is quite challenging.

    But, how truly blessed (or lucky) and thankful I am that I can afford such. I feel pretty dang grateful that I have happy, healthy, and thriving children who want to partake in extracurricular activities which help them both grow and mature.

    Yes, it can be rough when it hits the “bewitching hour,” and nobody wants to take a bath or eat their green beans; but, those stressful hours most definitely make me more appreciative of the less stressful ones.

    Yes, bedtime can be a struggle when there is one of me and three of them; but, how strong it makes me feel to know that I have enough love inside of my heart for each one of them, equally. It feels damn powerful to be in possession of so much love.

  • So, am I tired, you ask?

    Hell yes, I’m tired, but I’m not that tired.